Why should you choose online TESOL certificate courses? Reference and Education

Why should you choose online TESOL certificate courses?

BY Stephanie Thompson • December 31, 2016
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Online learning has distinct advantages and has been a staple of training around the world for many years. The growth of the Online training over the last twenty years has helped to establish it as an effective and efficient way to study. Anyway, today we will see about, what are the advantages of Online TESOL training? And why should you choose Online TESOL certificate training.


Online TESOL is significantly cheaper than taught courses. Below is the simple example for the price comparison. A1 month, full-time taught course for TESOL costs somewhere about $2,000 USD. If we take into account lunches, travel costs, books, parking charges, etc…, the cost could easily rise to more than 2,500 USD. But, a good Online TESOL certificate training run by the reputed organisation with skilled and experienced trainers, would cost you about 500 USD – 600 USD.

You will get the same Quality of the training in any form of TESOL certification course. The right institution matters. You can save more money by selecting the online TESOL certification course in a reputed institution.


Around the world anyone can learn the TESOL courses. Students no need to travel to the other countries or other cities to get trained by the expert. You will get the expert’s training from your home. No planes. These online TESOL courses can be completed anywhere in the world


  • You can work from home.
  • You need not to travel and pack lunch.
  • No worries about timetables.
  • You can learn your online TESOL course at home or anywhere around the world.

Stress Free:

Many students find that taught courses are very stressful. With anonline learning course people can work at their own pace, No need to cope up with fellow people. Learn in your own pace and way. There are no time constraints And, No pressure. If teaching practice is included in the course, they can learn with the support of a trainer, without the stress of being judged.


In taught course learning, students will gethand-outs which they can file away.In online courses trainer will provide the carefully prepared manual.


TESOL taught courses often assume that teachers will be teaching English to the small group of students (in a well-equipped classroom).

But, some teachers will go on to teach English to the large number of students in poorly equipped classrooms.  A well prepared online course, however, will provide trainees with different techniques and approaches depending on the environment. 

Selecting a course is fully depends upon the student. Both online courses and the taught courses have advantages. Make the final decision wisely. Select the right institute and right type of courses is the first step of success. Please, contact us, to know more details.

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