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Why You Should Use SMS Marketing for Your Business

BY Greg Williams • July 05, 2016
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Texting is a simple yet effective way to communicate with your clients.  It is not just for the young anymore.  In fact, some of the biggest companies use SMS in different campaigns because they generate positive results.   

Gone are the days when you can only send text messages.  Today, SMS services enable you to do more.  You can include visually appealing pictures, video, voice, and links to your online pages.  

In the US alone, there are 6 billion text messages sent per day.  It makes more sense to use SMS to reach a large audience given the massive number of mobile phone users.  And it’s no wonder why many industries including retail, entertainment, travel, beauty, financial, and real estate utilize SMS marketing.

Text programs are easy to use.  However, your messages should be compliant with SMS marketing laws, which require businesses to get the consent of the customer first before sending text messages.  This is actually a good thing since an unsolicited text is not the most appropriate way to win a customer’s heart.  

Building a solid customer database does not happen overnight.  But you can use SMS programs to attract the right customers.  Remember to include a call-to-action in your text messages.  Encourage customers to sign up to your text programs to receive notifications about new offers, upcoming events, and informative content.   

Emails are immediate too but your messages can go straight to spam folder.  Your potential customer will not even know it’s there before deleting it permanently.  Besides, some people do not check their emails regularly.  However, you can be sure that your customers have their cell phones all the time and you can communicate with them through text.

Customers will anticipate interesting and informative messages.  Finding the right balance between the frequency of text messages sent and their contents is the one key to increasing the success of your SMS campaign.   


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