Why ITIL framework for managing IT services? Reference and Education

Why ITIL framework for managing IT services?

BY Multisoft Systems • August 20, 2016
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Currently, there has been a massive upsurge in the creation of new data on the internet, and development and implementation of new technologies for different IT services. Thus with the exponential growth of data along with the evolution of new technologies, companies are finding it challenging to manage data inflow and outflow, and IT service infrastructure. The simplest example would be the deployment of robust IT infrastructure to manage different data sources and to establish communication between service applications and database.

Why ITIL® for tackling IT infrastructure related issues?

To handle the data management and other IT infrastructure related issues, Information Technology Infrastructure Library® (ITIL®) management practices has been identified as one of the best solutions. ITIL® comprises of a set of reliable methodologies and practices for IT service management based on specific business requirements.

With the implementation of ITIL®, it also becomes possible to manage data in efficient ways and build an efficient service infrastructure. This leads to improved productivity and minimizes response time due to rework. Additionally, it ensures customer satisfaction and reduces the expenditure cost. Thus ITIL being more impactful when it comes to application and making infrastructure better, companies are deploying ITIL strategies in various sectors.

ITIL® certification levels

There are five ITIL® certification levels as listed below:

     1.    ITIL Foundation
     2.    ITIL Intermediate level
     3.    ITIL Expert Level
     4.    ITIL Master Qualification

ITIL® Training to earn ITIL® certification:

ITIL® certification training has been designed to render an in-depth understanding of ITIL methodologies and practices. The ITIL® training courses cover topics related to Service Strategy; Service Design; Service Operation; Service Transition, and Continual Service Improvement.
ITIL training course for different certification exams
For each certification exam, there will be a training program. ITIL foundation training will be useful for candidates who are attempting ITIL foundation exam. ITIL foundation training will focus on fundamental concepts; essential elements, and terminology of ITIL® Service Lifecycle. ITIL foundation training will also touch topics related to various lifecycle phases; lifecycle processes; and their influence on IT Service Management practices. ITIL training for Practitioner certification exam will focus on practical methodologies to incorporate ITIL framework in IT service management. ITIL training Intermediate level certification will focus on different modules to deal with different aspects of IT Service Management. ITIL training for Expert and Master Levels will render knowledge on different principles, methodologies, and techniques to accomplish business goals.

What are the benefits of undergoing ITIL training?

Information technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL)® offers well-defined integrated practices derived from several industrial sectors, for IT Service Management. Understanding of ITIL® framework helps professionals to:

1. Understand lifecycle phases
2. Evaluate processes
3. Procedures required to run IT services effectively
4. Improve service availability
5. Reduce costs
6. Improve resource management
7. Better decision making and service productivity
8. Minimize risks
9. Increase profits and revenue
10.Reduced unnecessary reworks

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