What does my Commercial General Liability Insurance offer? Insurance

What does my Commercial General Liability Insurance offer?

BY Ron Morgan • July 29, 2016
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If you are a business owner then you must know about the business liability or Commercial General Liability insurance. You must find out and understand about your liabilities and the coverage you require. Before you buy insurance you must understand what your policy covers and what not so always discuss it with a qualified and expert business insurance agent. Business Insurance California is best conducted by the EIS group agents.

There always a risk involved when you are doing business but if you have a right insurance policy to safeguard you against them, you can feel at peace. Commercial liability insurance covers your business and your employees against many known or even unknown risks and claims. If you or any of your employees face a law suit or a claim occurring due to any reason related to your business outside or inside like a loss to a client or a body injury or anything of such nature then your general liability insurance policy will protect you and your employees. It will defend you from expenditures on settlements, court procedures, and fine awarded to you by court.

If a case is filed against you then having a commercial liability insurance will cover all the expense of attorneys and insurance inquiry. If there occurs a medical injury and a claim is filed against you for medical expense, then these expenses will also be paid by policy on your behalf. Your policy will take care of all the claims against you which may arise due to any business operation, advertisement, accidents, or even from your products or services.

Many unknown risks and claims are there like a law suit filed against you for violation of copyrights, advertising injury etc. the policy also gives coverage against the alcohol related accidents provided you are not in alcohol business. For details about Business Insurance San Diego you should contact agents of S+EIS group who are experts and will not mislead you.

If you are in a service sector like a medical practitioner, beauty and cosmetic service provider, teacher, lawyer etc. where your client is directly affected by your action then this policy becomes all the more very important and compulsory to remain secured. Taxi owners and other such small business persons are also at a high risk of getting sued so even they should go for general liability insurance. Commercial Insurance California is a necessity for all the people having business at California.

Everybody keeps personal security on top priority and even your friends and relatives can sue you. Many times you face such claims which your commercial insurance policy may not cover and you may have to get extra coverage for that. Such claims, not covered by general liability insurance may include professional mistakes of your employees resulting in the loss of a client or a bodily injury occurring to your employees while working for you. For such claims you will need a professional liability insurance and workers compensation insurance.

General liability insurance does not cover deliberate and calculated injuries or damages, for example; if you or your employees attack a customer or insults a customer for a reason other than self protection then any claim or lawsuit filed by that customer will not be covered by your policy. Hence, a commercial general liability minimizes your liabilities but does not allow you to go unruly and become a rowdy child breaking laws.

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Ron Morgan is the market representative for EIS Insurance. EIS Financial and Insurance Services is full financial service agency providing small business insurance, renters insurance, business and commercial insurance from Northridge and San Diego offices.

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