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What are the Benifits of ERP Software Systems for Small Businesses

BY Amit Khatter • December 20, 2016
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ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is business software that helps in optimizing and smooth functioning of all your business processes. Having an ERP software in place makes you have a better control over your business. However , it is a costly affair and small businesses usually think their organisation are not ready for ERP, but if your company is experiencing growth and you plan on continuing to grow the lack of proper tools can hamper your growth.

Benefits of ERP for Small Benefits:

  • Increased Productivity: The biggest benefit of a Small Business ERP software is assisting in increased productivity, when all the data is available in a structured pattern to the employees, they have a better insight of the work and any technical problems could be solved in less time. This also saves them time having to contact other departments to collect data.

  • Better Collaboration: For small businesses, setting up the processes and having collaboration between employees of different departments is a challenge, it is an important aspect if your business is growing at a rapid speed. With Small Business ERP software all the necessary information is available to the employees and this allows them to see the ‘big picture’ within the company.

  • Streamlined Data Flow: When your business is rapidly growing it is especially important to streamline the data flow, as availability of data is crucial in taking further steps. For example, financial data needed by the inventory department may be difficult to get a hold of; with a proper ERP in place authorised data is available to each department. Potential data losses and duplications can also be minimised.

  • Decreased Operating Costs: Small Businesses might think having an ERP would have a hit on their budget; on the contrary ERP helps in reducing the operating costs. By streamlining all the data into one centralised software business owners can save money on the individual software and management systems that they were previously managing in each department.

  • Delivery of Business Insights: Having an ERP provides the owner with insight into what is going on in the different parts of the company, like where the cash is being spent and from where to expect to receive it. By having access to one version of truth helps in driving the company in the right direction. Having a single view will allow businesses to understand their customers better and identify new trends.

  • Improved Decision Making: When all the necessary data is available up to date with consistency, the management can make the best decisions for the growth of the company. They also can enjoy having a better overall ‘big picture ‘of how the business is operating.

If a small business has the capacity to expand and grow rapidly, then it is definitely worthwhile to consider taking the leap to ERP software. Having ability to handle more customers and more inventory through one central system will set out a smooth transition and thereby promoting smoother growth prospects for the company.

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