Versatile Rewards Offered By Innovative Technology to Mobile Shopper Business

Versatile Rewards Offered By Innovative Technology to Mobile Shopper

BY Silvia Cortes • September 21, 2016
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Are you planning to develop a new app or launch an app or rework an app for the success of your business? If so don’t forget the excellent mobile marketing platform which is behind every great mobile app. The platform for mobile marketing is the backbone of the technology that is required to control and monitor your app once it has been fully developed. More importantly, if you plan to use this technology to communicate with your end users after the app launches it very crucial that you choose a platform that determines the long term success of your app enabling you to control your content and messaging. 

Since with a marketing platform that is mobile based you can control and monitor the app it is necessary to choose a medium through which you can communicate with your customers, monitor their buying behavior, and change your content. With good marketing apps you can:

  • Add or update content
  • Update your products and pricing
  • Create rewards programs
  • Communicate with your consumers
  • Run special offers and promotions
  • Promote sponsor deals
  • Manage user sign-ins
  • Run marketing drives
  • Track user behavior and purchases
  • Run reports on users or sponsors 

A new trend that appears relevant and reliable in the mobile marketing since the conception is the Bluetooth proximity marketing. It is a novel tool that has direct marketing channel to end users mobile phones. After consent from the user the user is provided with offers and deals of the nearby stores on their mobile phones. It is an innovative tool that sends value added content to the consumers. 

Mobile shopper is driven with technology and is catching up with our on-the-go lifestyles, empowering shopping activity as he makes purchases more frequently using his mobile devices rather than using the PCs. There are a growing number of consumers using their mobile devices to shop on the go and women make the majority of household purchase decisions, however men are equally found active in mobile shopping activities. 

iBeacon advertising refers to Apple's Bluetooth-based beacon technology that enables Bluetooth devices to send and/or receive minimal amount of data within short distances. For shops having an iBeacon network helps them build brands, retailers, apps or platforms which figure out when a customer is within close proximity. It helps create an environment for shop owners to send clients local and meaningful messages/advertisements that can again be instrumental in driving sales. 

Appadia is a Mobile Advertisement Platform that delivers Proximity based Advertising to shoppers carrying Bluetooth enabled smartphones. Appadia experimented with Beacon technology and integrated it with their Mobile Apps.

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