Valentine’s Day Just Got Sweeter for Philadelphia With Catered Dessert! Food and Drink

Valentine’s Day Just Got Sweeter for Philadelphia With Catered Dessert!

BY John Hrq • February 10, 2017
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Fabulous Valentine’s Day Party Ideas for Your Philly Friends

Nearly everyone is thinking about what to do for Valentine’s Day as it is only days away. But what can you do that’s outside of the box and not your standard dinner for two or a movie? We have 3 ideas for you to make this year the best Valentine’s Day for you and your friends in the Philadelphia area!

1.A little Homemade Meets a little Philly Catered

Foodandwine has a delicious recipe for Sangria and a video to coincide so you and your girlfriends can make it yourselves! Wouldn’t you feel accomplished getting a wonderful buzz from a hand-made concoction you all crafted together? But what would you pair it with? We have a delicious suggestion! Get a tray, small, medium, or large, full of succulent desserts like brownies, cookies, coffee cakes, and cupcakes. Is your mouth watering yet? Wait...It gets better! We’ll cater your Philly V-day party by bringing you these sweet treats straight to your door! We know you’ll appreciate warm, fresh, locally made treats to round out your party!

2.Breakfast for Dinner is a Philly Favorite

First, to make your party go off without a hitch, create an online invitation where people can select the food they’d like to eat and/or bring. If you’re choosing to cater your party, (and who wouldn’t??), then give your guests options to choose from a fruit tray, veggie tray, or some zesty salsa with homemade guacamole. Now you know exactly what and how much of each to order! Need something a little heartier? Get some hot sandwiches or switch it up and serve breakfast for dinner! Things like pastries and bagels are the perfect combination of savory and sweet for this food-filled holiday.

3.The Valentine’s Day Essentials 

Don’t count on everyone to bring food to the party this year. Get it professionally catered and save time, money, and energy trying to coordinate what everyone wants. Plus, if everyone chips in a few bucks, you make out on top. Now, it’s time to get to the essentials. First, every V-Day party needs a hint of pink or red, right? Lay out a beautiful fruit tray loaded with strawberries and other fruits. Then be sure to include our signature cheese tray with a combo of soft and hard cheeses, crackers, and breads. No Philly party should be without cheese! Oh, you absolutely must get the Dessert tray with cookies and brownies and cupcakes - oh my! Lastly, get some coffee and tea. Friends, food, and drinks - the essentials!

To get your Valentine’s Day order in, give us a call at either 267-308-5108 or 267-227-1994. Or go online and order from our catering menu. We can deliver your goodies right to your door thanks to our partnership with Uber Eats and Grubhub, so wherever you are in Philadelphia we can set your table

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