Usefulness of Cloud Based ERP for Small Business Computers and Technology

Usefulness of Cloud Based ERP for Small Business

BY Ray Rebello • June 27, 2016
Ray Rebello

Ray Rebello

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Cloud computing is a buzzword in the world of technology due to its convenience in letting you store records and documents and use shared computing resources on the internet. With cloud computing, small businesses can minimize the need to invest in multiple in-house hardware and storage devices. The cloud has always been used for photo sharing and email on commercial services like Google, but companies are now also embracing cloud computing to allow access to their full function applications cost-effectively. Moreover, with cloud-based ERP solutions, small businesses can run their reporting, operations management, and accounting in the cloud.

The cloud has modernized enterprise resource planning for businesses—and with it comes a good number of benefits especially for a small business. One of the most important benefits of cloud-based ERP is the way it helps reduce the need for IT support or to hire your own IT staff because the IT is already in the cloud. Moreover, it eliminates the need to worry about paying for software and application licenses, and the upfront costs associated with computing infrastructure like data servers and hardware. With cloud-based ERP, a small business can minimize the cost of supporting and maintaining applications since they can leave the upgrades and updates to the cloud vendor.

Cloud based ERP is useful for a small business that wants to have a better way to manage its processes as it grows. Cloud ERP has long been useful for larger companies since it lets them efficiently manage and monitor their core business processes. Now, even small businesses can take advantage of the technology for the same reasons. Cloud ERP can also be helpful in ensuring that order processing, inventory management, and production are running smoothly. A small business can use it to track business resources such as raw materials, cash, payroll, production capacity, and orders, too.

More businesses are changing in terms of how they work with customers, their ability to innovate, their resiliency, their operations' reliability, and how fast they deliver services and products. Cloud computing is crucial to ensure that all these can be accomplished faster and reliably, at a more reasonable price. Cloud-based ERP is key to supporting the growth or expansion of small businesses.

Many different vendors offer cloud ERP solutions to small businesses, but they vary in terms of the quality of their services as well as their functionality and technologies. Hence, you need to do your research and determine the best service provider based on your needs. Once you find the right vendor and cloud ERP solution, you will find that it is easy and quick to implement, and that it does not require you to invest a lot of time learning, maintaining, or upgrading the hardware as your business grows. Cloud ERP is more secure, too, so you can easily protect your data and verify if security has been breached.

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