Upfifacoins FIFA 17 FUTmas Guide & Updated Offers for FUT 17 Gaming

Upfifacoins FIFA 17 FUTmas Guide & Updated Offers for FUT 17

BY all simi • August 24, 2016
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Welcome to upfifacoins.com, here is a FIFA 17 FUTmas Guide for FIFA 17 Ultimate team. FUTmas is a yearly event created by EA Sports to celebrate the Holiday season. It offers multiple pack offers, including lightning rounds, free FUT packs and new featured tournaments. In this guide you can know everything about the FIFA 17 FUTmas, including how it affects the market, how it was in previous years and an updated promotional offers list.

FIFA 17 FUTmas Promotions Introduction
What is FUTmas?
FIFA 17 FUTmas is a festive promotion created every year by Electronic Arts to celebrate the Holiday season. During the event there is always something new to everyone.

FUTmas includes 24 hour pack offers (all day Happy Hours), lightning rounds every hours in specific days (limited amount of packs to be sold; the first to come is the first to be served), new online and single player featured tournaments with better rewards, free packs to everyone with untradeable cards and daily gifts to be redeemed in the Companion or Web App.
This promotion, which runs alongside 17 Days of FIFA, is very important to the community because it is the last one before the TOTY release and because it includes really valuable offers.

FIFA 17 FUTmas Date
When FUTMas promotion will be released?

The FUTMas promotion has been going since FIFA 13 and has now better rewards than ever. Note that the best offers are released between December 24 and December 26, as well as January 1.
For FIFA 17 Ultimate Team, the FUTmas estimated dates are:
FIFA 17 FUTmas
16 December 2016 (Friday) to 2 January 2017 (Monday)

How the Market is Affected by FUTmas
What happens to the cards’ prices during FUTmas?
The first market crash happens during the FUT United. Nothing remains the same after this day. During Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the prices are still much lower than before FUT United but, until the FUTMas release, the market recovers and the prices go slightly up. That increase won’t last longer: once the run to the packs begins, the market gets full of NIF cards and their value drops substantially. That happens during FUTMas, not so much because of the season promotions, but more as an anticipation of what will happen on the TOTY week.

The FUTMas promotion has a significant impact on the FUT 17 market, especially on days when the best packs are released (December 24-26 and January 1). On these days lots of packs are sold and many new gamers start playing the game. Since there are more cards on the market, the prices are lower. Usually the prices drop more than 20%, which means that you can buy cards and sell them shortly after by very considerable profit margins.

As players become more aware of cyclical events in FUT, it becomes easier to predict what’s going to happen. In this context, the crash anticipation occurs each time sooner. For example: prices dropped until Black Friday morning and then started to slightly increase, as a result of the high speculation felt on previous days. It will be just like this with FUTMas. The best thing to do is to sell everything as soon as possible, preferably until the 16th, and (re)buy them again on the TOTY week, when the cards prices reach their lower peak. For who is more experienced, we recommend buying and selling several times during this season. Be aware that, because of its lower offer, the downgrade of IF cards and best players (lower cardweight) is lower and more unpredictable. For this reason, we recommend you bet on buying NIF players or consumables up to 5k fifa 17 coins. Its downgrade is much higher in percentage and can achieve, in some cases, prices 50% lower.

In the coming weeks, we will add a much deeper explanation to what will happen to the prices cards in the market during FIFA 17 FUTmas event.

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