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Top must-visit attractions in Hong Kong

BY Rommani Chatterjee • November 17, 2015
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Explore the beauty of Asia’s world city during your next trip and enjoy its sheer magnificence.

From extravagant shopping markets to eccentric travel sights, Hong Kong is just the rightful place where you would love to be seen at. This vibrant city of Southeast China is well known for embellishing the vacation desires of every leisure seeker in the most amazing manner. If you are planning to pay a visit to Hong Kong sometime soon, then you should start checking out the places of interest where you can visit during the vacation.

There is a large plethora of mostly explored tourist hotspots. If you are game for covering most of them, you may consider pondering some of your attention on checking out the following list. It complies all the places that you can look ahead to visit during the tour.

  • Victoria Harbour: You have not been to Hong Kong if you have not spent some glorious moments in Victoria Harbour. You get to marvel your eyes across the spectacular sceneries while taking a leisurely stroll along the Victoria Harbour promenade.
  • Symphony of lights: This is the permanent light and sound show in the world which has made its place in the Guinness Book of World Records. More than 40 skyscrapers along the Harbour route electrify the skyline on both sides of the City. It is undoubtedly a brilliant sight to capture while going out on a holiday break to Hong Kong.
  • Sky100 Hong Kong Observation Deck: This one is considered as the highest observation deck in the City. It provides you with an opportunity to enjoy marvelous panorama view of the city of Hong Kong and the Victoria Harbour.
  • Victoria Peak: It is popular as the highest point that is situated on the Hong Kong Island. This is the place where you can enjoy spectacular skylines of the city in the most amazing manner.
  • Lantau Island: It is the largest Hong Kong Island where you can look ahead to spend a quiet day away from the hustle bustle of the city centre. Enjoy Orient Venice which is the oldest way of living life in Tai O Fishing village.
  • Big Buddha:  This is the largest outdoor sitting Buddha in the world which is almost 34 meters high and weighs 250 metric tons. It is positioned on Lantau Island and is surrounded by six small Buddha statues. This statue faces southwards.
  • Repulse Bay: If you wish to spend the rest of your vacation time in the beach then Repulse Bay is the place to head to. The Bay is famous for its wide beach and resort like feeling which is appropriate for enjoying a day-off. It is one of the most expensive residential districts in Hong Kong. Take in the beauty of the surroundings while enjoying a leisurely stroll on the beach.
  • Hong Kong Tram: What the red double decker buses are to London City, the ‘Ding Ding’ trams are to Hong Kong City. There is absolutely no other better way to experience the flair of the Hong Kong Island than this mode of transport. Take a ride on these trams which will offer you with the real feel of Hong Kong city.


When it comes to offering pleasurable things to keep the visitors occupied, Hong Kong surely knows what to do. Most popular attractions of this city have been pulled together for giving you a clear understanding of where to go and why. Plan your itinerary properly so that you do not have to miss out on any sight in particular. 

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