Tips to determine which pet you should own Pets

Tips to determine which pet you should own

BY Rommani Chatterjee • November 22, 2015
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Planning to get yourself a pet? There is nothing more beautiful than waking up to your favorite animal lying in your bed and giving you the ‘cuddle-me-know’ look.

If you are well determined to own a pet then you must consider pondering some of your attention on the kind of lifestyle that you have. Different types of pets need different kinds of attention and care. No matter what pet you end up choosing, it must fit well into your regular schedule. While making the choice of pet, you are also required to determine what exactly you are looking out for in the pet. Do you need a pet so that it can become your constant cuddly companion or a fierce house protector or just a playmate?

Before you buy one, it is also important that you consider the desires of others residing in your household as well. What they feel about your decision also plays a significant role. The pet that you choose will gain everyone’s attention once it fits well in your family.

If you are finding it hard to take the right decision then you must consider following the below mentioned tips.

  • Consider your lifestyle. Choose a pet that will suit your lifestyle and surroundings.
  • Amount of space you have in your house. Do you have a large backyard and have you fenced your house already? If you are planning to get a big pet then it is better to have sufficient amount of space in the house. 


  • Your budget limit. It is important to calculate the amount of money that you are willing to spend on your pet on monthly basis. Pets are undoubtedly quite expensive. Larger dogs will require a lot of food, birds will need cages and there will be several other miscellaneous expenses involved with the pet purchasing decision that you need to take care of.
  • Time plays an important factor in determining which kind of pet you should go for.
  1. Consider the amount of time that you and your family members can devote to the pet. If you work for longer durations then owning a dog can be a wrong choice as dogs always require companionship all the time. Having fish as pets can be a smart decision in such situations. A dog can be a good choice only when you are the one who works from home and stays most of the time over there. This way, you can play along with it all the time.

  1. Pet needs. Some pets need regular walks. You need to check this with your work schedule so that you can devote that much time every day to your pet and take it out for walks. There are some specific breeds of dog that are extremely energetic and need longer as well as more frequent walks than others.


  • Rent issues. If you do not own a house and are living in a rented flat then your landlord may pose a problem and not allow you to own a dog or a cat as pets in the flat. In such situations, you can consider getting fish.
  • Staying in apartments. If you live in an apartment, then you must know that there are some birds which can be extremely noisy. The noises can attract complaints from the neighbors.

  • Kids. If you have children in the family, then make sure that you own pets that can gel well with the kids.

These are some essentials which can help you narrow down your choices so that it gets easier for you to get the perfect pet that you and your home need the most.


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