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Tips to Choose the Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon in India

BY Debraj Shome • February 28, 2017
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A pleasing personality and a good physical appearance are things everyone desires. A perfectly shaped nose is a crucial part of one’s appearance, adding to their personality and building self-confidence. The appearance and shape of the nose can also be affected by trauma, injury, or birth defects. People who are not satisfied with the shape of their nose require surgery to take care of medical issues can opt for Rhinoplasty. This is a type of nose job which can enhance looks and also take care of problems like nasal blockages.

There are numerous well-established Rhinoplasty surgeons in India. However, it is important to look for and choose a surgeon who is talented, experienced, and well-qualified. Even a minor mistake during the surgery can create complications or require further surgery to correct. Here are some tips to choose the best Rhinoplasty surgeon in India.

Specialization: It may be better to opt for a surgeon who specializes in nasal surgery instead of cosmetic surgery. The success rates of nasal surgeons are invariably higher. At the same time, a cosmetic surgeon may have more experience in creating the perfect shape. If you have a medical issue, a nasal surgeon’s top priority will be to correct the defect, not alter appearance. Choose wisely and ask for before-after pictures of their earlier patients to get an idea of their capabilities.

Information: The surgeon’s experience is a crucial factor that decides the success rate of a Rhinoplasty surgery. It is advisable to choose a surgeon who has several years of experience in Rhinoplasty and related surgeries. A good Rhinoplasty surgeon must be able to guide their patients about various options available and give a detailed account of the surgery and after-care precautions to be taken. They should also inform the patient undergoing Rhinoplasty surgery about the risks and complications associated with the surgery.

Research: Do some background research and shortlist the names of all the doctors and surgeons who have the necessary qualifications, certifications, medical licenses, etc. You may visit all the doctors and surgeons that you have shortlisted before you make a decision. Search for their previous work online and check testimonials about their success stories. If possible, talk to people who have undergone a Rhinoplasty surgery by the same surgeon that you are looking at and see if they received the desired results.

Always choose a Rhinoplasty surgeon in India who has the most positive reviews and comes highly recommended. Choosing a surgeon who offers Rhinoplasty surgery at low cost is not always the safe bet. The result of the surgery will impact your life one way or another. You must weigh the pros and cons of the Rhinoplasty procedure and ensure you have a surgeon you are comfortable with.

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