Tips on what to expect when starting your own business Business

Tips on what to expect when starting your own business

BY Brockcarter Carter • August 18, 2016
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Whether you decide to provide a service or go into production of a particular item, deciding to start your own business may very well be the best decision you ever made. There are numerous benefits to be derived from starting your own business.However, as you get ready to plunge into this new adventure, knowing what to expect will make your journey to financial freedom far less challenging and far more satisfying.

The following are things that you can expect when starting your own business.

  1. There will be Good days as well as Bad days.

As with life in general, your business will not be the same every single day of the year. You should expect that things will change. You might have some very good days and some not so good one. Keeping this in mind, you will less likely to become frustrated when the not so good days present themselves.

What you need to do is be fully prepared to take full advantage of the good days so that these will more than make up for the bad days as they arise. As the owner or manager of your business, your ability to seize the opportunity may very well determine the extent to which your business will be successful.

Furthermore, if your employees sense your inability to adapt to the changing Business and Finance climate, it will also impact their performance negatively.

  1. You will be unable to please everyone

As a business owner, if you plan to spend your days trying to please everyone, you should expect many tiresome and miserable days in your future. While it may be a great thing to please those you serve, you need to understand that individuals are unique in their tastes and it will be rather difficult if not impossible to satisfy every single person at the same time when starting your business.

What you should however do is focus on the quality of the goods or service that you provide and everything else will fall into place. As long as you do that you are more than likely to run a successful corporation. If you please the majority that’s great but if you please a faithful few that’s fine also. Word will eventually get around and your business will extend.

  1. Competition will Arise

When starting your own business, you should expect healthy competition. Unless your business is located on a remote island with less than 50 persons, the chances of your business being the only one of its kind is quite slim. Even if you were the brainchild of a particular business, you may very well inspire someone else to start a business of the same kind. Fretting or worrying will do little for you or your business.

What you should do again is focus on providing goods or services of a high quality and there will not be much to worry about. If however you naively choose to focus on fighting with the competition, you will end up in hot water.

  1. Other Issues will Arise

Apart from the fact that you will experience healthy or unhealthy competition, you should be prepared to deal with other issues as they will arisewhen starting your own business.

Some of these issues include: employer -employee conflicts, employee -employee conflicts, angry customers, legal issues, and much more. However there is nothing to worry about. All you need to do is be prepared. A good way to do this is to adapt a proactive mentality. Think about all the possible issues that may arise and plan ahead. Always have a workable back up plan, so that plan B will kick into gear from day one 1. If this is done, any issue, be it minor or major will be put to rest pretty quickly so that you can carry on with business as usual.

  1. You may need to expand

As long as you have sound business plan and a reasonable market to go with it, you will need to be prepared to expand. Maybe your expansion will require you to establish another branch or extend the very establishment that you are presently at. You may need to employ more persons, acquire more space, or purchase more raw materials. Regardless of the nature that it will take, being prepared for this transition is necessary, if everything is to go smoothly without you being overwhelmed.

  1. You may need to cut back

Although this may not be what you ideally want, there is a possibility that you may need to cut back; this is often a very hard if not painful decision to make. However, if you prepare yourself to accept this harsh reality, you will be in a better position to deal with this change of circumstances.

I know that this will not be an easy task but being a good manager entails being able to deal with any situation whether good or bad. You may need to let go of employees that were dependent on you for a daily bread. This will most certainly be uncomfortable for any employer with a heart. Therefore you should think about how you will deal with such a situation should it arise.

  1. You may be required to make some other hard decisions

Apart from taking the hard decision to cut back, when starting your own business, you will be constantly faced with the challenge of decision making. These decisions may not always be as clear cut as you expect them to be. Therefore, problem solving and decision making are necessary skills that should be acquired at all cost. If not your bad decision may very well cost you the success of your company. You many need to choose one supplier over another or one raw material over another. You may also have cases where you will have to choose one employee over another. Be prepared.

It was Thane Yost that appropriately said, “The will to win is worthless, if you do not have the will to prepare.”  Therefore, regardless of how talented and motivated you are, if you are no prepared for the challenges that are likely to arise with starting your own business your talent would be worthless. Good luck!





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