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Tips To Get Salon Like Perfect Hair

BY Praveen Kumar • May 24, 2016
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We all fall in love with our hair after stepping out of salon. They feel so soft, smooth, shiny, and full of body that you just can’t stop touching them. So, what magic they do to your hair? How do they manage to give you smooth hair every time with the perfect blow out? According to the experts at some of the leading salons like-Jean-Claude Biguine and YLG Salon in Bangalore, it’s done by using the right products, right tools, and the correct skills. These tips from best place to get beauty and healthcare deals can help you get salon perfect blowout at home.

Are you shampooing your hair right?

More than the brand, it’s the way you shampoo your hair matters. If your hair feels frizzy or unclean even after using the best shampoo brand probably you are shampooing your hair wrong all together. According to the experts at Jean-Claude Biguine in Bangalore, they make sure your hair is properly shampooed and that the impurities are removed thoroughly by scrubbing and rinsing. If you want great hair, don’t just research good shampoos, but also the right technique for shampooing your hair.


Choose the right conditioner and rinse it well


Not using conditioner is the biggest torture one can inflict on his/her hair. Our scalp's appearance and health greatly depend on the use of the right conditioner. Most of the people think that using a conditioner will make their hair greasy and flat, but what they do not know is that it is not the conditioner’s fault. It is important to select a conditioner according to your hair type and rinse it thoroughly to have healthy hair.

Use the right combination of hair styling products

The secret behind salon like soft and smooth hair is the right products. They use more than one product on your hair, to make them feel awesome. Everyone’s hair is different, so they need different product combination to make their hair look gorgeous. But there are certain products, which are must for everyone’s hair for daily styling:

  • Hair Oil
  • Frizz Reducing/Smoothing Serum
  • Blow-dry Spray

The brands can vary, depending on personal preference, and availability.

Hair oil  

A nourishing hair oil will hydrate, soften, detangle your hair and tame them if you have unruly hair. Apply hair oil mainly to the ends of your hair, to make them baby soft and tangle free.

Smoothing serum

A smoothing serum can take your hair from average to incredible. It makes your hair super smooth, eliminates frizz and makes them tangle free, Most of the people battle with some kind of frizz, curl, or unruliness, by using a smoothing serum they can say good bye to all these problems. Apply .the smoothing serum on freshly combed hair. Rub the serum between the palms of your hands and work comb through to make sure the product is evenly distributed.

All these tips can give you the perfect hair you had always dreamt of, but if due to your busy schedule you are unable to dedicate enough time to hair care routine, then visit to find the best salon deals in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai and other parts of India. Regular salon visits at least twice a month will give you gorgeous tresses that will make heads turn. Visit-

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