The Important Characteristics of a Vacuum Cleaner Business

The Important Characteristics of a Vacuum Cleaner

BY Jone karry • April 12, 2016
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If someone is planning to buy a vacuum cleaner, then he should first understand the different features which he must look for. Then only he will be an expert and choose the best vacuum cleaner smartly.

The Technical Information

The best Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner must contain the following features.

  • The power is the intrinsic characteristic of the vacuum cleaner. It must be calculated in watts.
  • The suction flow rate which is denoted in Liters per minute (L / min), expresses the volume of air the vacuum cleaner will absorb.
  • The higher the amount of Depression (i.e. kPa or kilo Pascal) or the suction force, the better will it be able to suck.
  • The capacity of the tank which depends upon the nature and frequency of the applications is denoted as L or liter.
  • The weight (in Kilograms or Kg) of the device has to be kept in mind if it needs to be moved frequently.
  • The noise level in dB (decibels) needs to be checked to be the most sensitive for the ears.
  • The length of the power cord and the hose are also very important to determine the range. But then there are extensions which solve this problem.
  • The autonomy and power are determined by the battery and more specifically the amperage and the voltage.
  • The different accessories for different uses are installed with the different machines which include:
    • Flexible variable-length suction;
    • A bent suction tube; The aspirator tubes in coupling;
    • A variable shaped nozzle brush;
    • A squeegee to smooth surfaces;
    • A nozzle for water and dust;
    • A nozzle slot - for accurate aspiration;
    • A brush - rectangular variable or triangular shape;

The Vacuum Bag

A vacuum bag can be uneconomical but definitely high on hygiene. Its presence improves the filtration of dust of any kind; be it any synthetic material or paper or any other kind. The bag contains the other residuals apart from the dust, which is important if someone is allergic towards dust and dust mites. So in case the vacuum bags are not present, then emptying the tank can be a big problem and also affect the health of the person who is allergic towards it.

So, it is important to make the right choices with regards to the technical necessities to estimate the needs. The quality and strength of the vacuum cleaner depends on all these features.

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