The Best Type of EV Charging Station to Have in Your Commercial Spaces Automotive

The Best Type of EV Charging Station to Have in Your Commercial Spaces

BY Kayla Branch • December 23, 2016
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With rising fuel prices and the shortage of liquid petroleum products, people are now opting for more economic and environment-friendly energy solutions. The automotive industry has witnessed a similar trend, and you can already see different types of ‘Electric Vehicles’ in the market. Consumers are also looking forward to such vehicles because of their low operating costs and better mileage.

In such a state, if businesses choose to install EV charging stations in commercial spaces, they will be putting their company on the map of the emerging EV market. Two types of EV charging stations ideal for commercial setups are ‘Specific Socket on a Dedicated Circuit’ and ‘Direct Current Connection for Fast Charging.’

In the specific socket on a dedicated circuit, the vehicle is directly connected to the electrical network through a specific socket, plug, and a dedicated circuit. In this type of circuit, a control and projection function is also installed. This type of circuit optimizes the vehicle charging time.

In a direct current connection for fast charging, the vehicle is connected to the main power grid through an external charger. The control and protection function is installed permanently in this type of charging station.

To choose the suitable Electric Vehicle (EV) charging station for your commercial space, you must consider some of the important features so that you can get the most out of your investment. Some qualities of good EV charging stations are mentioned here.

Easy to Use: The EV charging stations that you are planning to install at your commercial space should be easy to use. Users should not have any difficulty with the payment and usage.

Protection Features: The installations you are using must have appropriate safety and protection features for both the users and the electrical circuit itself to avoid any type of accidents. Best quality EV charging stations feature top quality cables and connectors consequently ensuring the safety of both the equipment and users.

Efficiency: If the equipment you have installed is efficient then it will optimize the electricity usage benefitting both you and the users.

Some benefits of the top-quality EV charging stations for commercial spaces are mentioned here.

•        EV charging stations for vehicles are safe, reliable, and easy to use

•        They can also act as an additional source of revenue generation for businesses

•        They are environment-friendly

•        They can also promote the local job market as it can offer local electricians and experts specialized jobs

•        It also helps in improving the image of a company in front of its clients and customers

•        It is a low-maintenance sustainable energy solution as it does not involve the use of complicated electrical systems

Installing EV charging stations can improve the image of the region making it a favorite choice for other types of businesses and it will also help in enhancing the sustainable energy initiatives.

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