Tennis Racquets for Beginners - What to Look For Recreation and Sports

Tennis Racquets for Beginners - What to Look For

BY Mike Volkin • October 03, 2016
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As a beginner tennis player, you are probably looking for a tennis racket that suits your style and playing ability. Whether tennis is just a casual hobby for the weekends, something to want to do with your kids, or is a sport that you would eventually want to be serious in, you will need to understand which tennis racquets for beginners to buy. As a general rule, beginners should aim to purchase ‘medium range’ tennis racquets that they can use during their early foray into the sport as well as through their transition into a more intermediate level. Here are some things to consider when shopping for tennis racquets for beginners:

Price –
There is absolutely no need to go crazy and spend hundreds of dollars on a beginner’s tennis racket as you can find one less than $100 and use that if you are not planning to progress quickly. There are plenty of aluminum tennis racquets online in the $30 to $70 price point. They come pre-strung and complete with a head cover.

Material – Experts recommend aluminum for beginners because this flexible material is great for players who don’t hit with much force. Aluminum also allows you to get predictable responses from hits. If you are serious about progressing quickly, you might look into spending a bit more money on a graphite beginner’s tennis racquet that is less flexible. It will allow you make harder hits and lets you practice control.

Power – Power is a function of different factors including the head size, string tension, and frame flexibility. A larger head is ideal if you want more power and if you want the benefits of a larger sweet spot, which you probably prefer as a beginner. Tighter strings also provide more power. Superior frame flexibility allows more shock absorption, too.

Length – Tennis racquets for adults are generally 27 inches long. You can opt for a longer racquetto gain more reach, but take note: a longer racket can reduce maneuverability.

Weight – Choose a racquet that is heavy enough to absorb the shock that is caused by the ball hitting the strings, but it should still be light enough to be easy to handle.

Balance – Tennis racquet for beginners are usually designed with more head weight as this is believed toimprove stability.

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