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The USA is famous for its worldwide known writers. All of them are really unique and peculiar. It seems they lived in a different Universe because their points of view were so interesting and captivating. None of the ordinary people is able to find out what is going in the soul of the writer, even though the crowds of people near bookstores don’t disappear till these times. Everyone is eager to get a miracle and new life after reading the next book. Writers have made our world beautiful and impressive. Let’s see the list of the most famous American writers of all times. But still when you are reading their stories and are going to write an essay, based on it, do not forget plagerism websites.

James Baldwin 

The writer was raised in the family of the stepfather, who was the priest. James was the eldest of all the children. He didn’t know his father but never thought it to be a great problem. This moment is reflected a lot in his works. He began his literary career in Greenwich Village, which considered being the most deprived are in New York, but Baldwin saw a complete optimism in it. His first works were closely related to denial of racism, which was so widespread in America at that moment.

Robert Atwan 

The writer was born in New Jersey. He completed 2 universities. He is famous for being one of the best writers of essays in America. “Poems and Essays” is one of his most popular works. In these essays, he predominantly tells about autumn and winter.

Norman Mailer 

This writer was also born in New Jersey. He was raised in the family of Jewish immigrants. There were 4 children in the family and he was the first one. He grew up in NY. In1939 he decided to enter Harvard University. Studying there he fell in love with writing and literacy. At the age of 18, he published his first story. After that, he received the university magazine award. “Presidential Papers” is one of his most popular works.

Susan Sontag 

This woman was born in NY. Books have been her friends from the very childhood. After moving to Boston with family, she passed entrance exams to Harvard University. She was studying English literature. In 1954, she obtained Master of Philosophy. During her study at Oxford she faced problematic issues of sexism, so had to move to Paris. There she stared be actively enhanced in the developing of French cinema and philosophy.

David Foster Wallace 

This writer was born in the USA in 1968. He graduated from not very popular college. She studied philosophy and got the degree in English literature and language. He experienced a lot of depression during his life. According to doctor’s medication, he stopped taking medicines in 2007. In the last months of his life, the depression increased much.  In 2008 he committed suicide.

All of these representatives are real professionals, who brought a lot into the development of essay writing. All of them are really brave. They were not afraid using challenging ideas and thoughts in their writing. All of them are still popular among the people. The events of American history influenced much on its literature, which we can easily see in the works of all above-mentioned essay writers. All the inspiration they got was from the surrounding world. While writing your own essay, you should certainly use this plagiarism checker for free. It will help you avoiding any possible stolen ideas, making your essay really impressive and captivating. There would be no problems with instructors and you’ll get the highest point.


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