Serena Williams Reveals the All New Wilson Blade SW104 Racket Recreation and Sports

Serena Williams Reveals the All New Wilson Blade SW104 Racket

BY Mike Volkin • October 03, 2016
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Just months after Roger Federer’s Pro Staff RF97 Autograph was revealed by Wilson, Serena Williams also received the manufacturer’s highest honor with the commemorative Blade SW104 Autograph. This is the second commemorative frame released by the esteemed racket manufacturer in 38 years and the 16th in Wilson’s 102-year history. Serena’s autograph on the new Blade SW104 Racket honors a life dedicated to tennis—a tribute to her record-breaking career, her wins and her losses, her triumphs and trials, and her legacy.

On the technical front, the new Wilson Blade SW104 racket shares a lot of similarities to the Federer frame. Both rackets are bold but simple, sharing a clean aesthetic with high performance, specially engineered paint (called Black Velvet) that has never been used in tennis racquets before. This signature matte paint gives the Serena Williams Wilson Blade SW104 Racket a soft and smooth light-absorbing finish that creates a signature tactile experience sure to be appreciated by serious tennis fans and players. The racquet likewise also features the same electric green accents the Blade franchise is known for. It has the signature red butt cap branded by Wilson.

Perhaps more interestingly, the new Wilson Blade SW104 is equipped with Wilson’s famous Countervail technology. Many tennis players are fascinated by this feature and want to know how it works. According to Wilson, the Countervail technology essentially cancels out vibrations without affecting the power and feel of the racquet, thereby giving it more control and stability. This technology was initially used and is still widely applied in the defense industry. It was only recently that it found applications in consumer products, most notably tennis rackets.

The new Wilson Blade SW104 weighs 306 grams, with a head size of 104 square inches and a length of 28 inches. Wondering where to buy it? You will have to wait until January 2017 when it arrives in stores. The expected retail price is $249.

Serena Williams customized her Autograph racket by adding gold accents, including her initials and signature. The Blade name is written in gold chrome. She is expected to debut this new tennis racket in Australia, at the kickoff of the much anticipated 2017 season. In an interview, Serena disclosed that she has played using Wilson rackets as a young girl and is extremely honored to hold an Autograph Wilson request of her own. The player added that the new Wilson Blade SW104 reflects her drive, passion, and perseverance, and that she hopes it encourages those who use it to play tennis to “always chase their dreams.”

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