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Perfect Planning Is the Key to A Successful Tub to Shower Conversion Project

BY John Hrq • January 16, 2017
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Most bathrooms have space constraints. The typical bathroom size in majority households is only 5 by 10 feet and if you are going for a Tub To Shower Conversion project as part of bathroom upgrade, then you will have to reflect on some points to achieve the task to perfection. Here are the points you will need to address on the move with your project. 

Working with the space
Installing a shower in your small sized bathroom is feasible only if it can fit within the space left by the bathtub you are planning to remove. Therefore, to start with, you must put down the plan on paper. This should happen before you rip out the tiles from the surface and procure the fittings and fixtures. Measuring, planning and researching are the important tasks that will help you accomplish the bathroom upgrade to perfection within the limited time, space and money. 

Measuring is the key
Note down the measurements of the bathroom without rounding off the measurements carelessly. Often, you will find even 1/8th of an inch crucial. You must ensure that there will be 32 to 34-inch space between the finished tile wall to the shower door.The ceiling height must be minimum 80 inch from the floor and the shower space must be not less than 30 by 30 inches. These are the standards prescribed by the National Kitchen and Bath Association. While installing a bench, it is important that the addition does not crowd the space of 30 by 30 inch. While measuring the toilet location, you must see to that there is a distance of at least 15 to 18 inch from the center of the toilet to the shower door. 

Door placement
You will need to plan where you will position the door so that it will not interfere with the vanity or toilet fitting. You can make use of a large scrap of dry wall for laying out the doors swing that will come into place and working out the distance between the wall to toilet and vanity. If the situation in your bathroom will let the bathroom floor get wet outside the shower set up, then you can go for a small tile or an alternative slip resistant material. If you feel the door is going to clutter the bathroom, you can as well do away with a door. Go for heated floors that will also keep the bathroom warm and the floors non-slippery. However, in such case of a door less shower, it is better to avoid handheld shower and go for a fixed rain head shower. 

Shopping for fixtures
Do this very carefully as it is all about a significant investment. At the same time shopping for fixtures can be fun as well. You can do some research with the different brands, various options and the combo offers. It is not a rule that you must use the fixtures of the same brand. For saving money and for accommodating the taste and trendy concerns you can mix and match between different brands. However, it is always good to take the advice of the experts who can let you save time, effort and money besides accomplishing the bathroom remodeling project to perfection.

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