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Opportunity Rover captures dome-like structure on the Red Planet

BY Rommani Chatterjee • December 01, 2015
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Feeling confused while figuring out the most desirable holiday destinations in the world? Are you game to visit the most adrenaline pumping holiday jaunt which can spruce up the vacation spirit to the greatest possible extent? Well, here we are talking about Mars- the scintillating Red Planet.

Having a memorable holiday on Mars is not a dream anymore. If you have admired every bit of the sci-fi movie The Martian and wished to explore the sandy sights in person then you can look ahead to gear up for a holiday venture to the Mars.

This dream could be seen realizing into a reality within a matter of decades. The discovery of surface water on the Red Planet has only ignited the passion which every person bears to go pay a visit to the Mars. Even if there is no simple life form living on Mars, it can be developed potentially for sustaining human communities.

Thanks to the large number of rovers and space probes that have been placed out there, we can predict the climate of Mars more appropriately than that of Earth’s. However, it has also been predicted that dust storms lasting several weeks can lock out all sunlight completely. It is a difficult dream to realize for those who hail from middle income groups to pay a visit to the Mars. However, the elites can look ahead to take the risk. There are ample numbers of reasons that are enticing enough to make you pay a visit to the Mars.

Recently, NASA’s Opportunity Rover has captured an image which clearly states that there are domes on the red planet. A semi sphere protruding the upper part of the hill can be seen in the mysterious image. According to the Ufologists, the dome does not seem to be a natural formation as the surrounding rocks are extremely different from the dome. The dome seems to be inconsistent with the terrain and stands out incredibly in the picture captured by the Opportunity Rover.


This Martian Dome is higher than the typical lunar dome on the Earth or Moon. Some are of the opinion that the humans have not only visited but lived on Mars while others say it could be the product of secret human colonies by the alien race sometime during the watery past of the Red Planet.

Water cannot be transported to Mars from Earth as it is too heavy a thing to be sent through space. If water’s existence can be found in abundance in the Red Planet then it can be put to several uses. The Martian water would be drinkable if it gets purified thoroughly. Water is the basic requirement for human survival and this is why the sea water also needs to be made drinkable.

The water can be broken down into hydrogen and oxygen. The H2O particles would be brought together through the process of reverse electrolysis. This will lead to the generation of electricity, light, heat and some other scientific tools.

While holidaying at the Mars, you will be able to check out the great canyons that are deep enough to swallow the Himalayan Ranges along with the mountains which are five times the height of Kilimanjaro. It would definitely feel amazing to explore some of the craters, red beaches which will wonderfully enrich the tourism quotient of the planet. Overall, the geography of the Red Planet is extremely exquisite. It is the ultimate dream of every tourist to pay a visit to the Mars and it can be realized within a few decades.

There will be something for everyone on Mars. The couples would love the idea of falling again for each other while relishing their romantic dinners under Two moons- Phobos and Deimos.

Although the vacation sounds interesting, there are some inconveniences which can get difficult for many earthlings.

The lack of oxygen means that you can just plan a candlelit dinner. Moreover, you cannot also consider taking off your cosmic cossie even for having a quick goodnight kiss.

The visitors are expected to have a two year round trip which will involve nine months getting there, six months staying over there and again nine months back to the Earth. The travelers are expected to check out the Olympus Mons which is considered to be the largest volcano in the solar system. With an imposing 13 miles high and 375 miles across, Olympus Mons is expected to captivate the attention of millions of super-rich travelers. 

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