Neverwinter 1.03 PS4 Update and Patch Notes Highlights Gaming

Neverwinter 1.03 PS4 Update and Patch Notes Highlights

BY all simi • August 24, 2016
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The new Neverwinter Patch Notes:NW.61.20160515pa.26 for PS4 now, what is the highlight for this neverwinter 1.03 ps4 update? What? Still no dungeon fix? Endgame is gonna bleed even more players as they are stuck doing nothing but dailies.



Stability has significantly improved!

A bonus Double Astral Diamond weekend has been added from August 25 - 29.

The dungeon, Pirate King's Retreat, is now available!

Electric Tiger: This mount is now Uncommon quality, increased from Common.

This is only a cosmetic change; the movement speed increase already matched that of an Uncommon mount.


This patch notes does not really solve the important problems we are concerned, such as fixing the dungeons and vote to kick, some bugged need fix, such as “epic artifact equipment” quest to get the “seed of air” quest. What's more, someone also find the bug of the auction house.


Well, the Neverwinter PS4 version has over a month now, and we known there are many bugs or problems for neverwinter ps4 game, I really hope they do fix the dungeons, and expect both Xbox and PS4 to get Storm King's Thunder by the end of October/early November. is the best place for cheap Neverwinter Astral Diamonds and Neverwinter ZEN PS4 and XBOX ONE. Not only we provide the latest neverwinter news and guides, also offer the cheapest neverwinter astral diamonds and zen account! Enjoy to buy neverwinter astral diamonds ps4 with coupon code "NWPS4" with 5% discount always in our store!

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