Key Considerations before Buying a Luxury Villa in Coimbatore Real Estate

Key Considerations before Buying a Luxury Villa in Coimbatore

BY R.Deepak Vignesh Va • February 07, 2017
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Coimbatore is among the first 20 cities in India chosen for the smart city initiative and that has driven up the real estate sector in the city. The city is witnessing several major constructions projects for both housing properties all around including apartment buildings and luxury villas.

When it comes to the luxury villas, quality sells. And despite aggressive marketing campaigns and the space they offer, there are certain attributes that a luxury villa cannot be without. Buyers have to spend their time and energy on some specific aspects besides the location and the space of a luxury villa.

Ceiling Height: Without a good ceiling height a property cannot be called a luxury villa. It must have a ceiling height of 14 feet or more. This is crucial because a low ceiling height means that the luxury features of the villa are not met.

Architectural Uniqueness: Good architecture has its value, both for aesthetics as well as investment. Here, architectural uniqueness refers to a beautiful design that is practical as well. One should always look for a solid foundation, unusual details, and an artistic touch. These features should also make practical sense. For instance, a wooden porch may look gorgeous, but makes little sense in the long term when you consider Coimbatore’s weather. But wood that has been appropriately treated may work.

Layout: A luxury villa is not just about beauty and quality of construction. It must have a functional layout as well. There should be a clear separation between the social and private spaces. Nobody would want their guests to pass through their bedroom to use the bath. It is always wonderful to have eat-in kitchens whereas long hallways, stairwells, and awkward columns are best avoided. They also eat up too much space. Zen gardens and manicured lawns are great for a gathering with friends and family members. Their position in the villa also has to be sensible so that you can maximize their use.

Position of Windows: Windows are a primary source of light. They are also largely responsible for energy and heat loss in a home. But they can also be turned into a source of energy conservation. Windows must be double-paned and heavily insulated for protection against weather and noise.

Connectivity: The villa has to be well-connected with the city as well. You would not want to drive half an hour just to reach the grocery store. It has to be in such a location where the airport, public transport, emergency services, and everyday necessities are within easy reach.

Reputation of the Builder: Buyers have to consider the reputation of the builder. The company must have a history of solid construction projects and great customer satisfaction. When their reputation precedes them, builders ensure that their projects have great value. Reputed builders and firms usually have a lot at stake even in a single business deal because they have their name to protect. This is why they tend to offer only the best quality services to their consumers.

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