How to make your Audience Alive with Attractive Presentations Writing and Speaking

How to make your Audience Alive with Attractive Presentations

BY Bismil Razik • February 17, 2016
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Attractive presentations have the potential to provide the audiences with transformative long lasting impressions.  Slides should be created to sell your big idea visually. They should be designed to attract and motivate the audience. Slides should be brought to life with creative Power Point design combined with marketing ideas.

Research says that a presenter has only sixty seconds to capture the attention of the audience. So the first moments of talk with the audience become very important. The opening lines should grab the attention of your audience for overall success of the presentation. If you attempt to tell them everything, then they will not remember anything.

Enchant your audience

Story telling is important for powerful presentations. It is the heart of any presentation. With your information, data and message all told in the form of a story, it could go a long way to establish an emotional connect with the audience.

The story should be relevant to your message or topic to maximize effectiveness of the presentation.

Asking questions, citing quotes, giving data in the form of statistics keeps them engaged and thinking about what you are saying.

Attractive Slide Design

  • Avoid stock templates. Rather build your own theme instead. Choose a color scheme with 5colours that match to your presentation. Similarly choose your fronts wisely so that they match to the tone of your presentation. A layout scheme should be carefully chosen and repeated throughout the presentation for cohesion and clarity. Use images wisely and contrast it with a semi transparent back ground for better effect.
  • Avoid loading the slide with a lot of text. Keep it simple with only one point per slide. Spice up the slides with typography. You can enhance the visual impact of your slides by carefully selecting the design elements like colors, fonts, layouts, images and harmoniously arranging them to bring out your message with effectiveness.
  • Designing of the slides is about organizing and presenting the data in a meaningful manner. Its aesthetic appeal serves as an integral part of keeping the audience alive during a presentation.
  • To make audience- centric beautiful and meaningful slides that communicate  your business messages effectively and boldly is the goal of any good presentation.

Why choose a Presentation company

The ability to present well is one of the important qualities for any business person to attract more customers or improve sales. Most business ideas are conveyed through presentations either through PowerPoint, keynote or Prezi in today`s scenario.

If you are running an organization, there are presentation companies who provide bespoke training in presentation skills to you and your team. They move closely with your organization and know more about your objectives, culture, industry and market. They help to design simple, dynamic and harmonious slides to capture the attention of your audience.

Delivering powerful and attractive presentations is vital to keep the audience alive. Audience viewing your presentation would like to be informed, entertained and kept challenged all through. 

These companies offer in house courses to hone your presentation skills to deliver high impact presentations and develop a personal style to keep your audience engaged.


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