How to Find the Best Content Management Systems for E-commerce Writing and Speaking

How to Find the Best Content Management Systems for E-commerce

BY Dharmendra Tripathi • November 08, 2016
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As the e-commerce environment becomes more crowded, companies are seeking tools that offer a competitive edge. Any form of automation cuts down on
labor costs and helps match the fast pace of the internet, so CMS (content management systems) are popular. But not all content management platforms offer features designed specifically for online retailers. The best content management systems for e-commerce include the following services.

They Build and Scale Content

Vendors and retailers deal with huge numbers of products, so any system set up to deliver content must first be scalable. Once a product description format is chosen, for example, its parameters should extend to thousands of items in the most efficient, automated way possible. This includes simple formatting issues, such as bullets, and more complex operations such as controlling for brand messaging.

They Provide a Variety of Content Services

Most content management platforms will provide basic services, such as product descriptions. While this is a start, truly competitive brands create a variety of content, from blogs to buying guides to category descriptions. A good CMS can coordinate all this e-commerce content at scale.

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They Manage Workflow

The best content managements systems for e-commerce are able to streamline the workflow by coordinating multiple teams and departments who perform different roles in the content creation process. This kind of project management greatly reduces costs by making efficient use of the available human resources.


They Coordinate Different Roles

The journey from concept to content includes many different roles. From keywords research to assignment distribution to submission and quality control, the best CMS coordinates everyone's role efficiently. Look for work performance assessment features and API integrations to streamline tasks like payments and publishing across multiple platforms.

CrewMachine is a well-integrated content management platform with advanced functionality and features designed with e-commerce needs in mind. It helps lay out the information architecture, list the relevant attributes, prepare the content, manage images and monitor workflow and performance. Customizable for your brand's needs and robust enough to manage large-scale content projects, CrewMachine is the ideal solution for e-commerce content management.

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