How to Create High-Quality e-Commerce Content Writing and Speaking

How to Create High-Quality e-Commerce Content

BY Dharmendra Tripathi • August 04, 2016
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Investing in high-quality e-commerce content benefits your business in many ways. It drives traffic to your site, increases engagement and improves conversion rates. When e-commerce content is handled correctly, it also strengthens brand awareness and lead generation. With this list, the experienced team at CrewMachine, a premiere content creation platform for e-commerce, shares the foundational elements of conversion-oriented content.

Appealing Headlines

Experts believe that you have just five seconds to grab your reader's attention. Without accurate and appealing headlines, your reader won't continue to the main part of your products descriptions.

The Right Tone

Finding the right tone for your audience means understanding them. It pays to do your research so you can meet the needs of your audience. A conversational tone will often boost confidence and conversions, but always consider what kind of language will appeal: professional, tongue-in-cheek, aspirational or highly personal are some of the options available.

Easy-to-Read Language

Don't let your reader stumble on long, complex sentences overburdened with adjectives. Clarity is the key to e-commerce content that drives engagement. Technical jargon should be used with caution and only if you're certain that your ideal buyer will understand and value it.

Your format is important, too. Shorter paragraphs with subheadings, bullet lists and different sections are easier to scan for information than large blocks of text.

Visual Elements

The old adage applies here: a picture is worth a thousand words. It's certainly quicker to understand than a thousand words. Be sure to use images with social posts, as well as with your product listings.

Content Creation Platform

Focused Content

In general, if you can remove any portion of your text without altering your message, you should. High-quality e-commerce content is clear and gets to the point without making the reader work for the information. The easier it is to understand your product, the easier it will be to decide to buy it.

Call to Action

This element increases engagement by starting a back-and-forth interaction with the reader. Whether you're suggesting a purchase or a subscription, the action starts a conversation. When you offer useful content to your readers, you lay the groundwork for a strong relationship, which in turn sets you up for future purchases and positive reviews.

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