How to Choose an Enterprise Resource Planning System for your Business Computers and Technology

How to Choose an Enterprise Resource Planning System for your Business

BY Amit Khatter • December 16, 2016
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Businesses now a days have grown massively and maintaining all the business information and employee details is humanly not possible. Hence business process management software such as ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) are being used which allows an organization to manage various business processes including automation of various back end office functionalities through a set of integrated software applications.

Benefits of using an ERP system:

  • Increases the efficiency of process flows and reduces the entry of details manually.

  • Streamlines the processes and helps in compiling various data into a single location

  • ERP software makes reporting easier and customizable

  • The data is kept consistent and up to date

  • Sensitive data can be stored in a secure location

  • Having an ERP in place reduces the operational costs

Choosing the best ERP package:

  • Understanding the Requirement: The first step in selecting an ERP solution is to understand your business requirement, this will help in making a smart decision and a clear cut goal needs to be assigned that would define as to what exactly needs to be achieved by placing an ERP in place.

  • Features and Requirement fit: The ERP solution in the discussion might have many options to offer, however there has to be a good fit for the features and your requirement, also a technical fit needs to be evaluated in terms of where the new ERP solution would fit with the existing software system already in place.

  • Evaluating the total cost of ownership: Before choosing an ERP solution, there is a need to evaluate the total costs to be incurred at the time of installation and also maintenance, such as implementation costs, hardware upgrades, training the resource, software maintenance etc.

  • Scalability of the Solution: Business is an ever changing environment, as the company grows, so will your organisational needs. Ensure that the software is scalable and can be upgraded to meet your future requirements.

  • On-site hosted or SaaS: There are two types of solutions, on-site hosted where there is the option of purchasing software to house, run and maintain on site. Then there are the SaaS based solutions wherein a third party needs to be selected to host the traditional software solution. Evaluating options regarding the capital and manpower training needs to be considered before making this decision.

  • Reference Checks: Always it is good to do some market research, attend product demos, and investigate each leading contender by speaking to similar customers. In addition to getting feedback on the product itself, it is also important to review the vendor’s accessibility and flexibility.

  • Vendor Support: The aspects of the support from the vendor also needs to be considered. The amount of after sales service, the hours of training provided etc.

  • Integration: The proposed solution has to have the capacity to integrate with other third party softwares, to gather information. It also should be integrated into mobile so that it can be operated from anywhere. In addition, social media integrating can also be considered.

Keeping the above aspects in mind an ERP solution could be in place, but this does not end here. Once the ERP is implemented and in place, its performance needs to be evaluated against the set goals in the beginning so that its success could be measured.

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