How the NASA Astronauts celebrated the Thanksgiving Day in International Space Station News and Society

How the NASA Astronauts celebrated the Thanksgiving Day in International Space Station

BY Rommani Chatterjee • November 28, 2015
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Traditionally the Thanksgiving Day is considered to be a special occasion where one can show his or her gratitude to the Supreme Power for benefiting lives in the most enthralling manner. Food is required for sustenance and people celebrate this day by preparing unique food dishes and following some customs and traditions.


Different people hailing from different cultures make offerings to appease the power of God in order to get blessed with yearly harvests. This forms an integral part of the oldest rituals that are followed by different groups of people residing in different parts across the globe. A celebratory Thanksgiving ceremony is believed to be performed originally by the Pilgrims of Plymouth Colony. This three-day feast was held as a mark of respect and gratitude for the ample amount of good harvest they got right after settling in North America.

The ceremony gained recognition in the year 1941. It is celebrated every year on the fourth Thursday of November in the United States of America. Thanksgiving is the remarkable day which gifts everyone the opportunity to celebrate the blend of family values, spirituality and civics with the near and dear ones. It is the best day to say thank you to those who help you.

Let us ponder some of our attention on how exactly the world celebrate Thanksgiving Day.

In India: Pongal is said to be the harvest festival where the people offer some special offerings to God in order to get good harvest. On the Second day of the festival, a special dish is prepared which is offered to the Sun God. The farmers show their gratitude to their cattle by decking them up beautifully on the third day of the ceremony.

In China: China’s harvest festival is popularly called Zhong Qui. The people celebrate good harvest by gifting each other with deliciously baked moon cakes.

In the USA & Canada: Thanksgiving is mainly celebrated by preparing sumptuous dinners, saying grace and raising toasts. Many people also look ahead to exchanging gifts as a token of love and appreciation. Families gather for enjoying lavish meals. The special Thanksgiving dinner mainly includes turkey, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, ham, fruits, corn, assorted vegetables and side dishes. People also go to the church where special events and competitions are organized. The popular Thanksgiving Parade also entices the attention of some.

In the United Kingdom: Special services are held at the local churches for celebrating and honoring the day of Thanksgiving.

Have you ever wondered how thanksgiving is commemorated in space? The astronauts who have to stay over there in space and could not make it here on earth on the auspicious eve of Thanksgiving also look ahead to celebrate the ceremony in their own style.

Like many Americans, the NASA astronauts Kjell Lindgren and Scott Kelly spend the day of Thanksgiving at the International Space Station by enjoying a turkey centric feast and watching football. Their Thanksgiving meal comprised of rehydratable corn, smoked turkey, potatoes and candied yams. The happy and contented astronauts were in good spirits and expressed gratitude to their friends, family members and NASA colleagues. This year’s Thanksgiving on the International Space Station will be one of their most memorable stints which they would love to cherish for a lifetime. They felt incredibly grateful for the opportunity to be here at the space station, working rigorously in the orbiting laboratory for attaining success. They also fondly mentioned that it gives them a certain perspective and peace of mind to look down at the beautiful planet Earth from the space station. They felt thankful for getting the opportunity to represent their country, the United States at the International Space Station.


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