How restaurants manipulate us? Food and Drink

How restaurants manipulate us?

BY Rommani Chatterjee • November 22, 2015
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It is just not the design of the menu or the captivating mood that enthralls your mind for visiting one of your favorite restaurants but it is the marketing plot that tends to rule over. Have you ever wondered why you feel attracted towards paying a visit to one restaurant in particular? There is a hidden strategy which is actively implemented by the restaurant itself. This is something which you absolutely have no clue about.

Listed below are some of the ways by which that eatery round the corner of the street entices your attention. Have a look at them.

  • Fancy design of the menu card: Menus are not only mere lists that compile the number of dishes available in the restaurant. Moreover, these are the appropriate marketing tool that has been strictly designed to entice the attention of the visitor. Often a simple dish is described by using some flowery words that will directly draw you attention towards it. It is only after you order the dish, you get to understand that it was not worthy of the huge price you paid.
  • Colours play a part: They help us to emote. The soothing color blue or the fascinating combination of red and yellow tends to stimulate our appetite. The choice of colours clearly makes the menu look appeasing to the eye.
  • Paradox of choice: Many times, you will find the menu to be showcasing only a few options. This is the idea that the expert menu designers have been using since several years. This way you will again end up ordering the same pricey thing that you have tasted the last time you were here. Most of the restaurants put only 7 dishes on one page and this is a clever proposition which has been working in favor of the food joints.

  • Prices are always smartly quoted: They are written in small italics so that you would not mind coughing up the amount. The eateries do not want you to feel that you are paying too much for a soup or a mixed noodles dish. This is why, they cleverly use small font sizes. At the end, it does not matter. You get ripped off anyway.
  • Placing the dishes strategically: It is the upper right hand corner that draws your attention for the first time when you are handed over the menu. The most expensive dishes are put over there whereas the salads, soups and other side menus can be found on the left hand side.
  • Pictures appear next: Gorgeous snapshots of delectably prepared dishes find space in the next pages. The pictures look tempting and that is the reason why you choose the dish.

  • Do not go for the waiter’s recommendation: Keep the recommendation of the waiter at bay as he or she will always entice you to try the most expensive dish on the menu. This is another trick which is cleverly implemented by the restaurant in order to plant the idea in your mind to order that delicious dish which will eventually burn your pockets.

These are some of the tricks which a restaurant owner will never tell you. The next time you visit your favorite restaurant, make sure to notice all these ideas that form a part of the business. 

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