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Forms Of Insurance Policies

BY insurance tailors • December 07, 2016
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As an investor, it is not enough to just pay the stipulated fee; it is very well necessary to engage the services of insurance advisors in order to understand the terms and conditions of a policy and to enjoy its full benefits (like, trauma insurance advisors are helping to reduce the cost in treatment of some serious medical conditions like heart attacks, strokes, cancers, etc., while helping to determine the right trauma policy).

There are often many other life insurance policy plans to choose from: term assurance, trauma insurance, mortgage life insurance, group life insurance, permanent life insurance, endowment life insurance, and whole life insurance. Usually, your wants will determine the kind of insurance plan that will suit you, and insurance advisors know this, too .

    Mortgage life insurance insures a loan secured by real property.
    Group life insurance or wholesale life insurance covers a group of people.
    Permanent life insurance covers the remaining lifetime of the insured.
    Endowment life insurance policy is life insurance contract designed to pay lumps sum after a specific term or at death.
    Term assurance provides life insurance coverage for a specified sum.
    Trauma insurance covers cost associated with some specified medical conditions if the insured will ever be diagnosed of any.
    The whole life policies are sure to remain in force as long as the required premium are paid. It is a contract between the insured and insurer, where the insurer, at the demise of the insured, will pay the death benefits of the insurance policy to the policy beneficiary. A policyholder in the whole life insurance policy has the right to quit such contract and opt to reclaim a portion of the reserve fund, unlike in other insurance policies. Whole life policy makes provision for lifetime death benefit coverage for a level premium.

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