Five Best Practices for Automating Content Creation Writing and Speaking

Five Best Practices for Automating Content Creation

BY Dharmendra Tripathi • July 22, 2016
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Powerful, well-researched and well-planned content is the foundation of a successful website. In e-commerce, content changes as often as stock and inventory but a smart content strategy takes this into account. Frequent updates are simplified with automating content creation. Automated content solutions streamline otherwise time-consuming updates so you can focus your energy elsewhere. The five best practices for content automation ensure that your messaging continues to drive traffic and conversions while you increase your efficiency.

1) Create a Template

Developing a similar structure for all your content is the first step in automation. When you've chosen a format, the content itself can be poured into a template and published without reinventing the wheel for every product description or category page.

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2) Develop a Creative Brief

A creative brief is a set of instructions for any agency or in-house writer to follow. It should include:

  • A well-defined tone suited to your ideal customer. For example, formal, technical or conversational are all good choices as long as they're matched with the appropriate audience.
  • Format instructions such as the maximum number of words or paragraphs, image sizes and heading structure
  • Defined keywords with guidelines including where and how frequently to include them

3) Use Consistently Good Sources

Try out a few content creation agencies to determine which one gives you consistent high-quality work. As you narrow down your choices, your workflow will get smoother and more efficient.

4) Analyze Performance

Use tools such as Google Analytics to measure the results of any changes you make to your automated content solutions. Metrics like the number of visitors and time spent on each article or product description give you a picture of which content is working well and which needs improvement. Share these results with your writers to help them focus on performance gaps.

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5) Plan Ahead

Create an editorial calendar, taking into account all the steps required between placing an order and publishing the content. These steps include keyword research, content creation, editing and quality assurance. Leave time for adjusting your instructions as you fine-tune your content creation platform workflow.

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