Encole Introduces SAE J1926 Weld Bungs Business

Encole Introduces SAE J1926 Weld Bungs

BY Donald Hood • May 18, 2016
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1888PressRelease - Encole has introduced a new product to complement the existing line of SAE Sight Glasses. The new Weld Bungs are available for purchase on Encole.com.

San Jose, CA - To support growing demand for SAE sight glasses Encole LLC added SAE J1926 weld bungs as catalog products released to production. Weld bungs are made from AISI 316 Stainless Steel and can be readily welded to the process vessel by the customer.

Bung welds are similar to a weld boss making a transition between a pipe and a fitting. Whenever a process vessel and a fitting need to join, a bung weld is a common solution. Bung welds are typically welded to a flat or curved surface of a wall of the process chamber.

Not to be confused with socket welds, bung welds have female threads machined into the port, while socket welds have plain through-bores for accepting pipe ends. Bung welds have threads such as NPT, Metric, SAE, BSW, or can also be made custom.

The benefit of the SAE J1926 bund welds is a permanent threaded port where fittings can be easily installed or uninstalled as needed without the need for costly thick-walled pressure vessels. Released to production bung welds are listed on http://www.encole.com in the category under Weld Fittings.

About Encole, LLC:
Encole LLC, (Encole) is an American Company specializing in custom engineering, manufacturing and distribution of industrial products via its online catalog. The Company is headquartered in San Jose, California, focusing on applications in the areas of energy generation, semiconductor, pharmaceutical, and industrial process observation components.

Contact Information:
Rebecca Ivaschenko
Director of Operations
(408) 514-5838


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