Difference Between Online Course And Offline Course Reference and Education

Difference Between Online Course And Offline Course

BY Stephanie Thompson • February 06, 2017
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There are two ways in TESOL certification program.

  1. Online TESOL certification
  2. Offline Classroom TESOL courses

Both have their own benefits and drawbacks. We will see the difference between online and offline courses by the below article. And it’s up to the individual to select which one is suitable for them to pursue their TESOL course.

Nowadays there is a big confusion among the students whether to take the online or offline course, the answer for that is been given below?

Offline Course:
Offline course requires the students to go to the college and attend the classes in personal.

Offline courses provide assistance and guidance and taken care personally if not understood.

Practical knowledge will be given in the offline course.

Hence compared to the offline course, online course is best suitable for today’s student because:

Online Course Is Inexpensive:
Spending money on the online course is very less compared to the offline courses.

With a minimum amount of cost, a good effective lesson is been taught through online.

Online Course Is Flexible:
If a person is going to take up the offline course then he is been tied to the course he/ she cannot go out or take enough leave during the course.

He/ she should give their attendance in order to complete the program, but it is not so in the online course because he/she who is taking the online course can go anywhere, anytime they wish.

The online course is not a stressful one comparing with the offline course.

Online Course Is Convenient:
The online course is convenient because the course is taken in the home itself and no need to go and attend the classes out of offline course.

The people who are busy can log in during their free hours.

This course is convenient because one can log in at anywhere and at any time they wish to study.

Online Course Is A Record Keeper:
Online course acts as a record keeper because each and every activity of you is been recorded.

The test scores will be recorded and there will be no chance of missing because everything will be stored on the website.

Online Course Is An Engaging One:
Only the same thing is been taught by the teachers in the offline courses, the teachers will not change the method of teaching.

The online course will allow the students to participate in web chats, group discussion; video learning tools is also available in the online course.

Online Course Is A Networking Opportunity:
The online course is a network opportunity because you can find many people from all around the worlds, so you can share and gain more information due to which your knowledge will develop.

If you see in the offline course only a few people will be seen daily and only less information can be shared and gained compared to the online courses.

Hence these are the difference between online and offline by which we can come to a conclusion that online course is more beneficial than the offline course.

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