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Who likes writing an essay? Each student would certainly sooner or later face this process of writing an essay. Unfortunately, many do not like it at all and find it really tiresome and boring. For many it’s a real challenge. Everyone is trying to make it better than the previous work. If you write an essay all the time and receive adequate feedbacks from your instructor, you’ll have no problems with it. You know how to check for

plagerism and have no additional problems. So, how to make your essay really brilliant? Here are some effective methods, which would help you writing really impressive works.

  • Reading Other’s Essays

Reading essays of other people will help you much to understand how to write an essay and develop your own style of writing.  It would be really useful reading works of your peers and some other academics. You’ll be able comparing them and see what ideas you can extract for your future essays. After writing your essay, you should certainly check a document for plagiarism. Pay attention to the arguments, examples, and style of writing. Be really critical while reading essays of other people. Ask yourself if you agree or not. Was the person enough persuasive? What did you like in it?

  • Building Your Won Vocabulary

To write a good essay, you should possess a wonderful vocabulary. It will help you easily express all your thoughts and ideas. You should know how to economize with words because many do not like wasting time on reading boring and uninteresting things. Try using advanced words, to ensure your essay has an adequate level of professionalism. Proper vocabulary will reveal your intelligence, developed cognitive abilities, and thinking. It will help you persuading people easily in your written works. You shouldn’t also forget to apply various essay checkers (more), to make sure your work wasn’t plagiarized.

  • Use Argumentative Words

In order to write an impressive work, you should not repeat in it by your words and phrases, otherwise, it would be a fail. Try applying all possible kinds of words and patterns to make your essay versatile and interesting. Usage of argumentative words will make your work peculiar, intelligent and logical.

  • Planning

You shouldn’t start writing an essay without any plan; it will only spoil everything and will destroy ad desire to write something further. Before the writing it, you should know the theme, main idea, what argument and examples you would use. You should clearly see the aim of you essay and what you can say readers with it. Knowing all these elements will help you making up a structured essay without any additional problems and wasting of time. Do not forget about a striking conclusion and check essay before handing in.

  • Examples

Using various examples is a perfect way to make your essay catching and captivating. You can tell the readers what others say about this or that issue. Use illustrative examples to evoke the imagination of your reader and makes him interested to read your say further. Try using examples from history, literature, culture, contemporary life.

So, these are the basic approaches how to make your essay more interesting and distinctive. We hope you like these suggestions and would certainly use them in practice while writing the next essay. Of course, you may even make up your own techniques to make the writing really better. The most important are to try receiving pleasure from the process, no matter how boring or difficult the occupation is. Writing an essay is a useful thing to improve your cognitive abilities, thinking and intelligence levels.


Thank you for reading my article!

My name is Rita Lee. I am a freelance writer with more than 5 years of experience in content writing and blogging, currently employed by noplag.com where I help them with their blog.  
Also, on a part time basis, I do freelance tutoring.  I help my students with their struggles to become a better writer, how to avoid grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes. How to be concise and yet descriptive. How to prove their point in the simplest language possible. How to use proper vocabulary, syntax, punctuation and tone of voice. And  of course, how to avoid plagiarism in their reviews, essays and articles. 
Working in the education sphere, I realized how important it is to be helpful and to be able to deal with any problems students may have in their learning process.

If you have any questions or just want to chat about writing,  do not hesitate to contact me at email:reviewritalee@gmail.com or follow me on Google+, Twitter, and Facebook.



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