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Complete Permanent Hair Removal in Less Than a Year With Cutera Laser

BY Dr. Berkley Skin + B • October 18, 2016
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Let’s face it -- plucking is painful. Waxing is painful. All those quick little fixes are painful.

And what’s even more painful is finding those unwanted hairs showing up again. It’s like we’re being punished by the gods with an eternity of plucking and checking to make sure it stays plucked and plucking again, on a loop for ever and ever and ever.

You know you want to get rid of it for good, don’t you?

Good news: you can.

The other good news: not only is it affordable, it’s effective.

Laser hair removal has advanced quite a lot since its introduction to the market. It used to be that only light-skinned people with very dark hair were candidates for laser hair removal. Nowadays, any skin tone can get laser hair removal in Los Angeles, CA, regardless of darkness or lightness. If your hairs aren’t grey, blond or white, then laser hair removal will work.

The concept of laser hair removal is simple: use a laser to shine intense light on a hair until the hair heats up and damages the hair follicle that makes it. Of course, a lot of other factors go into it, so when you talk to your specialist before making an appointment, make sure that your individual skin and hair are good candidates. (Most people are, but you never know until you know, right?)

Is there a catch?

There’s always a catch, isn’t there?

The catch is that it’s not a simple one-and-done kind of process. Laser hair removal will get rid of those hairs easily on the first try, but they’ll grow back.

The secret to removing unwanted hair permanently is multiple laser hair removal sessions, perfectly timed apart to catch the follicle in its regrowth cycle and damaging the root for good.

That takes multiple sessions, usually six to eight times. And they will usually space them four to eight weeks apart. That means, if you space them out as far as you can and do the larger number of treatments, this whole deal could take almost a year. (The math checks out: a month and a half apart times eight treatment sessions equals twelve months.)

Almost a year sounds like a long time, doesn’t it?

But think about how many years you’ve spent plucking or waxing or carrying out some other painful, Sisyphean cycle with unwanted hair. Think about how long you still have to live.

And it’s not as if you’ll be unable to live your life during those months. Just schedule a few sessions and make those appointments. You can do that.

Do yourself a favor, put in the time. Make the first appointment. Then make the second. Make all the appointments, and keep them. In a few months, you’ll be free and clear for good.

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