Calling Cards Vs Skype Communications

Calling Cards Vs Skype

BY Tania Raza • August 24, 2016
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To make international calls one of the economic and easily available calling options is calling card. International calling cards, which you can buy from shop or through website have many attractive and unavoidable features, which the user can avail and decrease his phone bill. Now you may think that there are other options as well, along with calling cards like VoIP Skype and other phone or laptop Apps, which can provide you the same service, but dear friend though both calling cards and skype provide you the calling service either domestic or internations, but they are different in many ways and you can know them from this article:

If we discuss Calling Card, then the calling card user can avail following pros and cons as the service:


  • Economis Call Rates

  • Attractive Discounts and Offers

  • Reliable Netwok

  • No Power Outage Problem, compatible with all phones

  • Easy Buying Process and Cover almost all countries

  • Use both leagacy telephonic technology and latest VoIP


  • Prespecified Recharge or Call Credit

  • User can loose his minutes or credits, if he disconnect the call before completion on minute

  • Extra charges

  • Come with specific validity

Now, if you will discuss about skype, then you can find the specific pros and cons of Skype. Skype does not need any introduction, if you frequently, then you might have used it atleast once. User can chat and call using skype. Here are Pros and Cons of Skype:


  • Skype has mobile and web User friendly software

  • Can be used on smartphones and tablets as well

  • If both caller and receiver use Skype, then call is free of cost


  • It needs high speed internet connection.

  • If you are not technical, then installing the software on system can be problematic for you.

  • If you call on base phone phone through Skype, then you will have to pay high call rates.


So now you can see that you can use any or both the methods to make international calls. It is usually seen that for immigrants and travellers Calling cards are one of the most usable and preferred calling option, while for students and teenagers Skype is one of the most used and popular way to make calls and chat. Now the calling cards also have mobile Apps, so you can use that through your mobile and make international calls.

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