Are You Looking for Pet Boarding in Chantilly or Ashburn? Pets

Are You Looking for Pet Boarding in Chantilly or Ashburn?

BY shaukat Ian • May 26, 2016
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Are you looking for a great place to board your dog, cat, or other pet in the Chantilly or Ashburn area? Then look no further! Here at NOVA Pets, we have a whole upper level dedicated to Dog Boarding and Doggie Day Care. We use Plexiglas suites, unlike most dog kennels which use chain link fences. These suites can be customized to your dog’s needs, whether you have one Chihuahua or three Golden Retrievers who all want to snuggle in at night. We provide 20, 30, and 40-square-foot suites in a climate-controlled room with 24-hour surveillance for your ease of mind. The pups get to go outside to use the bathroom three times a day, and they even have the option of an ice cream treat. All you would need to bring is your pet and their food. Plus, our location and hours provide convenient pet boarding for Chantilly, Ashburn, and Centerville areas.

It is also important to keep your dog active during their stay, otherwise they may become a little depressed when they are cooped up all day. We offer several different playtime options at Nova Pets. If your pup gets along well with other dogs, they can play all day in our Doggie Day Camp, or for a few hours a day in Group Play.  If they aren’t too friendly with other dogs, no worries! We also have a Private Play option, where your four legged friend can play with one of our trained staff members. Here, we value your pet’s happiness, so we treat each dog like our own, and we do everything under the supervision of a certified veterinarian. What could be safer than boarding your pet at an AAHA-accredited animal hospital?

Looking for a place to keep your kitty while you are away? Nova Pets Health Center has its own Kitty Condo Room for your cat to stay in luxury! We have several multi-level cat condos that can be connected to one another for even more space! The condo room is kept on a completely separate level than the dog boarding, so you don’t have to worry about any added stress to your feline friend. We also offer private exercise options so our visitors don’t get lonely. Nova Pets is a stress-free place to take excellent care of your loved ones!

            Conveniently located off of Route 50 near the Chantilly Auto Park and Dulles Airport, Nova Pets Health Center has everything you are looking for in a dog boarding facility and veterinarian. Make a reservation today at or by calling at 703-378-9791.

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