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Affordable Smile Makeover Surgery In Punjab

BY Savneet Kaur • January 09, 2017
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Smile is considered as best curve of lips and valuable accessory of man with which he is gifted by god. For the perfect attractive smile one needs sparkling white teeth so for the persons that deprived from this blessing they can have smile makeover surgery which is known for its positive and safe results. 

What Is Smile Makeover Surgery?

It is the combined dental and cosmetic procedure to rejuvenate your teeth, lips and cheeks for perfect smile that can boost up your confidence in social gatherings. This surgery is either performed by competent dentist or maxillofacial surgeon and even both can perform the surgery according to the extent of work for complete smile makeover.

In this makeover surgery tooth replacement and repair, braces, whitening, cheek injection like treatments are given to patient so that he can have cute and healthy smile that can impress anyone without any hindrance of age.

Types Of Smile Makeover Surgery

There are following types for the makeover procedures that can change the lip curve into the best compliment for the person


It is non- surgical treatment without any sense of pain. It is also known as the starter of procedures of cosmetic dentistry. In the procedure patient could rejuvenate his smile with white sparkling teeth with restored beauty and shine of smile by reducing the imperfections


It is the most effective and popular procedure to restore attractive smile. It includes the small, thin and tailor made covers for the frontal tooth surfaces to reduce their imperfections.  It is the common procedure offered by cosmetic dentists


This is all in one procedure in which color and shape of teeth can be altered and even tooth repairing is done. In this procedure covers are used that flaws and secures the teeth with the white composite resin. This pliable substance adds hardness to the sturdy restoration and blends well with the natural tooth enamel of person


It is quick restoration of damaged tooth treatment option with the help of durable ceramic material that matches with natural color of tooth.

Smile Makeover Surgery In Punjab

In Punjab, patients can have perfect smile makeover that enhance their look and boost their confidence but at reasonable cost. Here you can have the treatment from the dental surgeons and technicians that are known for their unbeatable results due to their experience and expertise in the field.

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