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9 Famous People Who Underwent Sex Change Operation - Leaktattle.com

BY leak tattle • January 12, 2017
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21st century brought a change in all aspects of human life. In earlier times, the transgender is considered as shame, but now days it is not a matter of shame. It is as normal as like any other gender on this earth. Definitively, there is a massive change in the way of thinking of people. There were times when these transgenders are not treated properly and nicely by majority of the population. Presently, this situation has changed better to some degree which was terrible previously.

There are people who want to look or live their life on their own terms. These people have taken the path of gender change which is totally revolutionary. So, now days, people require some investment to perceive the look which they want to carry on their life with the sexual orientation change and are fine with the concept. 

Let us have a look on such people who have undergone gender change:

1.Isis King

Isis King has actively participated in “America Next Top Model”. He was the first known transgender person who walked on the ramp and became famous in the fashion and modelling industry.

2. Amelia Maltepe

Amelia was brought up in a greatly unbending Muslim family in Bangladesh. It was not a simple trip to getting his gender transformed, but if you are determined then you need not to look back.

3.  Jazz Jennings

Jazz Jennings is known as tuber who runs a channel where she shared her thoughts of changing gender and how she faced difficulties in life later.

4. Thomas Beatie

He was a female by birth and known as the “Pregnant Man”. He underwent gender transformation and  gave birth to a baby.

5. Balian Buschbaum

Once known as Yvonne, Balian was born in Germany and got retired as female from the shaft Vaulting in 2007. Later she went to undergo surgery to become Balian.  

6. Laverne Cox

Laverne Cox is the first person who was bestowed with an Emmy Award recommendation role in "Orange Is the New Black."

7. Buck Angel

Buck Angel is an American adult film industry renowned artist and a film producer and campaigners who underwent gender change transformation.

8. Alexi Arquette

Alexi Arquette known for "Friends" and "Californication" went for gender change transformation.

9. Thalita Zampirolli

Thalita Zampirolli is one of the famous models who hails from Brazil and underwent a gender transformation operation.  

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