6 Tips to end a love relation gracefully Relationships

6 Tips to end a love relation gracefully

BY Rommani Chatterjee • November 16, 2015
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Being in a relationship is something that tends to make you feel loved all the time. It is indeed a great feeling to know that there is somebody around to take care of you. However, things may not be the same the way they were in the beginning. If there is lack of emotional bond in your relationship and you are finding it hard to sort out the differences then it is high time to call off the relationship.

Breakups do not have to become a bitter experience. The all-out war can be easily avoided if both the partners forego the pleasure of causing pain and hardship to each other. If both of you have been planning to break the bond with mutual consent then it is better to behave like civilized human beings and not like some animals. Stalking your ex on the social networking sites or calling each other with not-so funny names will definitely not sound intelligent. Hence, if you have already determined to part ways with your partner then make sure that the break up is done on a graceful note.

It is never an easy task to bow out of a relationship without letting the other one feel guilty or bad about anything.  Do not break up right after having a heated conversation or an intense fight. Although you may want to hurt the other person as much as you have got hurt, this is actually not healthy. Calm down yourself and try to ponder upon the reasons why you are choosing to bow out. Approaching your partner in a compassionate way and having an honest conversation is what you should do. This way you will be doing the person a favor in terms of having successful relationships in the future. Moreover, you get to walk away free from the burden of carrying an unsuccessful relationship.

If you wish to part ways from your current flame more gracefully then you may consider checking out the following effective means of ending a relationship.

  • Clarity: Be clear in your intentions while ending the relationship. It is always better to talk to the person on face and end it rather than telling a common friend and giving indirect hints to your partner.
  • Simple & concise: Many people feel skeptical while calling off the relation. It is because they do not wish to hurt the sentiments of the other person involved in the relationship. Keep it simple and concise unless you are asked to justify your decision.
  • Stay honest: Spit out the exact reasons behind your decision other than creating a fake story.  There is nothing worse than solving the unanswered questions.
  • Business-like approach: Keep your egos at bay and try to be gentle during the break up. You may consider sitting down and sharing all the things that did not work in the relationship. This will help you in your future relations as you will never commit the same mistakes again and would definitely be more of a keeper.
  • No need to blame anymore: If you do not intend to put further efforts in sorting out the differences that have been drifting you apart, then it is better to stop blaming your partner for causing you pain. There is simply no hope of success left in this relationship and it is better to let go off.
  • Break up in person: Do not call off the relation with someone by texting, calling or sending emails. Do it in person. It might be a difficult task to do but it takes a real person to stay firm and deal with the issues honestly.


Endings can be new beginnings and you must always have a positive approach in life. Learn from the mistakes that you have done in your past relationships and look forward to putting sincere efforts in all your future endeavors.


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