5 points to consider for selecting the best entryway rug for your home Home Improvement

5 points to consider for selecting the best entryway rug for your home

BY Bonito Designs Banga • December 04, 2015
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The entryway rug is as important as any other element in a house. Hence it should not be ignored. An entryway rug has important functions too. It absorbs the mud and dust that shoes carry and hence keeps the floor clean and devoid of dirt irrespective of how many people com and go. Though durability and style are the main criteria while choosing an entryway rug, there are other points too that you should consider when about to choose the apt entryway rug for your home. 

Do spare give a good thought before for choosing the right entryway rug. Never keep it for the last moment. An entryway rug is not just a rug but the first step into your home. If you are going to spend lot of time and attention in on decorating your home, then you should spare some time for the entryway rug too.

After all, the rugs should reflect your personality and give outsiders a basican idea about the character and enchanting design of your home. 

Read on to find 5 most important factors that you should consider while choosing the right entryway rug for your home. 

The right size is important: The size of your entryway rug should depend on the area of the entryway. If the doorway is large, then you should opt for a larger rug because a smaller one can cause children and even adults to trip over. Also a small rug for a large entryway or a large rug for a small doorway looks unnatural and odd from an aesthetic point of view.doesn’t even look right. 

Take proper measurement of your foyer area and also the door size. You will thus have an idea about the breadth and depth the rug should have. 

2. The right pattern for the entryway: The entryway is perhaps one of the most important components of a home. It is the entry point to a house and that means this is the space which facessees the highest footfall traffic. More the foot traffic, more the probability of the area getting staineds and dirty, considering owing to the number of shoes that trample the area. 

Hence an entryway rug with patterns and a wide range of colors should be ideal for the doorway. The patterns and dark colors can hide stains and dirt well. Also a colorful rug at the entry level also adds warmth and provides a welcome look. 

The fabric also should be given a good thought to. Though synthetic fibers are preferred for entryway rugs, you should ideally replace them every year at least once a year. A wool rug is also preferred by many but remember that the wool sheds a lot which means the entryway should be properly cleaned and swept everyday to get rid of the extra shreds of wool. But despite this probl;em, wool is still a popular choice for entryway rugs because it is hardy andyet it is durable. 

3. Choose the rug as per the layout of the entryway: A small entry way can do with a rug large enough to fill the space. You will also get many designs in large rugs. A rug with geometric shapes is better for small entry ways as it will make the space look larger. 

If the entryway is long and narrow, then a runner rug with the width same as per your door should be fine. A wider rug will look unfit for the space. You can also cut out the desired shape if you have troublepe finding a size that suits your space requirements. This trouble is worth taking than having an unfit entryway rug that looks totally out of place. 

4. The use of round rugs: Though rectangular sized entryway rugs are popular, round ones too are as attractive, if not more. A round rug will really look majestic when placed in the centercentre of a doorway. Round rugs are also apt for doors with arches. 

If there are two stair entries in your room, then do opt for a rounded entryway rug only. The soft and rounded corners of the rug will complement the curved stairs well. It is better to match the color of the rug with the color of the stairwells. 

Round rugs do look exceptionallyvery attractive and a colorful round rug will add to the beauty of a room. 

5. Rugs suitable for double-front door: A double-front door should be the main reference point for choosing a rug for such an entryway. Choose a rug that spreads to both the doors. Also keep in mind the distance between the bottom of the door and the rug. There should be some space in between for the comfortable laying of the rug. 

The above are some references that you can use while choosing the right entryway rug for your home. You should try to choose rugs that reflect your personality and taste. You can even opt for entryway rugs that have interesting welcome quotesgood sayings engraved on it. These words on the rug will perform the function of patterns which is to hide stains and dust. Also, they will set the tone of your personality right at the entrance. So, such rugs are also ideal for your entryway. 

Now that you have got a fair idea as to how to choose the perfect entryway rug for your home, go on and select one that is right in size, shape, design and also the one that reflects your personality most accurately. 


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