4 Holiday destinations: Where not to take your family to Travel and Leisure

4 Holiday destinations: Where not to take your family to

BY Rommani Chatterjee • November 21, 2015
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Vacations are meant to offer you with absolute thrill and excitement. The hectic work schedule does not let us enjoy our leisure time properly. Even when we are at home, we constantly think about our work which eventually keeps us occupied.

Taking frequent trips with family members to some of the mostly explored holiday destinations can help us rejuvenate our mind, body and spirit. You can surely consider traveling to some amazing places of interests along with your family members for spending some quality time with them. If you have never taken a family trip and wish to make the most of it then it is important to ponder some of your attention on the holiday destinations around the world. There are several places around the globe where you can take your closed ones to.

Family trips work wonders in breaking the monotony of life. It brings new excitement and zeal to make life more captivating. With a plethora of interesting places to check out, you wouldn’t want anything to go wrong with your trip. There are several tourists sharing experiences on how their family trips went completely wrong because of their inappropriate choices of destinations. When it comes to commemorating the beautiful moments of togetherness, you just can’t afford to pick up the wrong place. Although the destination might appear to be full of life but they may not be appropriate for hosting a family trip.  Some places in particular should be traveled solo.

Listed below are some of the interesting destinations which you should skip while planning a family holiday.

  1. Antarctica: You would not like to freeze to death by opting for a vacation trip in the Antarctic Zone. Only people having proper training to handle the chills can survive the severe climate. Hence if you plan to visit this place once, make sure to travel solo. You cannot just thrust your passion of experiencing severe climatic conditions on others.
  2. Ibiza: This is an enthralling jaunt which is famous for all the wrong reasons. If you have nowhere to go alone for setting your mood right, Ibiza in Spain is just the rightful place to be seen at. This is the party capital where the other members in your brood might not fit into.
  3. Afghanistan: It may be considered as a naturally endowed travel destination but is clearly not one of the places where you can take your family to. The predominant crime scene in this country offers multiple threats to people travelling along with their closed ones.
  4. Pattaya: What happens in Thailand stays in Thailand. This is one of the many one-liners which you may listen to while considering this holiday getaway. This place is popular for hosting lady boy shows, scandals, Thai boxing events and many non-family activities. Thailand thrives to offer a world of cherishing memories which you would not like your family to witness.


    These are some of the places which you must skip while planning a family sojourn. Look forward to have a safe as well as wonderful holiday ahead.


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