3 Benefits of Hiring a Professional Social Media Content Writer Writing and Speaking

3 Benefits of Hiring a Professional Social Media Content Writer

BY Payel JWC • June 23, 2016
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The fact that social media is important for your business is no longer a hidden truth; so it is time to bring a professional social media content writer in the team. Hiring a social media help is absolutely essential when you realize that you are missing out on a lot of potential business. But before you hire them, you need to set realistic expectations for your business. If you want to approach this as a direct marketer and want to track every ROI on each platform, then this should be clearly communicated to your social media expert. But if you are using social media to increase your brand value and presence, then you need to think whether your financial backbone is strong enough to support this brand-building exercise through social media. Also, when you come to think of the four crucial benefits of hiring a social media content writer, you will not definitely back out from getting that help.

Helping SEO or Search Engine Optimization Techniques

SEO is actually quite an unrecognized cousin of social media and are in fact related in more ways than you can imagine. Did you know that Google actually uses Twitter to search and discover new content? Google actually gathers pages while crawling on the content and then creates an index. With Twitter, this entire process can speed up. Content which has generated quite a buzz with shares and retweets can actually cut down the time for Google to search for relevant content. This is particular essential for SEO, because faster the content is indexed, the greater are the chances to be rewarded with the help of organic traffic. So, when you have a social media content writer in the team, you can expect a semblance of SEO and social media.

Taking care of analytics and revenue generation

A social media content writer knows the ways to track his or her social media mentions, comments, likes and the number of clicks they get on their shared URLs. But a more advanced and effective form of analytics is tying actual revenue generation with social media. So, when you think of hiring a social media content writer, it is imperative that they know about the popular tools like Salesforce and Hootsuite. With the help of Salesforce, for instance, the social media expert will tag all the links in Facebook, Twitter and all the other social networks. These tags will later on help to identify the leads or calculate the revenue gained from any person who has downloaded the app, bought something in the online store or has simply filled out a form. And once you can connect the dots i.e. the revenue to a specific social media message, it is easier to understand the kind of content is helpful for sales.

Helping to generate good content

Most of the social networks involve writing. And if you consider the visual networks like YouTube, Instagram or Pinterest, the writers must have the flair to write captions and titles. In fact, a well-written caption will create an immense difference to a good photograph. Even a good video title and description can make a huge impact on the viewer. It is not only important that the writer you hire knows how to use language in order to incite a particular emotion, but they should also know about the ways through which you can effectively put your content for your audience. In any given day, when you have no new content which is scheduled to be promoted on social media networks, you can actually ask your social media writer to create a relevant blog post which can be an asset for business as well.

Before you hire a social media writer, you need to focus on your goals and expectations. You must first figure out what you want from your business and them create a blueprint.

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