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How to prevent your iPhone getting slower

BY Chris cui • December 30, 2016
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       An iPhone is incredible devices that can be really good tool for both work and daily life. But as other smartphone, older iPhone or refurbished iPhone will start to feel sluggish after a while, but tips for making your phone faster aren’t as well known as the equally frustrating process of creating more storage space on your phone. This is a good post to bookmark and reference whenever your iPhone slows down too much. We’ll have tricks for every model of iPhone running any version of iOS. So the next time you need to speed up your iPhone, we’ve got you covered. Here’s seven little-known tricks to make your iPhone faster. But as quick as iPhone are and as smooth as the iOS user experience, things can always be faster. we’ll show you five simple things you can do to give your iPhone a serious speed boost, and these tips will all work regardless of which iPhone model you own.

There’s a lot of general debate across articles of the web as to whether or not memory-boosting tips and tricks actually work to make the iPhone faster. I’ve read varying opinions and heard plenty of people say, “oh that doesn’t do much; it’s mostly a waste of time. Here do this instead.” But I’m going to let you decide for yourself. I’ll also be monitoring my memory usage during the testing of each trick to see if it makes a verifiable difference. The more free memory you have, the faster your iPhone is likely to run, so using the app to monitor memory is a one visible way to track whether or not the trick worked for you. It may very well be true that updating could slow down your iPhone further. But for most people, the update will actually improve the overall speed. It’s far too case-by-case to make for a good tip across the board.

There are many other things you can do to make your iPhone or refurbished iPhone run faster. The Apple’s iOS interface is certainly quick to navigate out of the box and there’s something you can do in order to make it even faster. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility and enable the “Reduce Motion” option. This is similar to the trick we shared for Android users that speeds up animations to make the UI faster, but in iOS’s case it removes the animations completely. While they certainly add a nice effect to the interface, transition animations serve no technical purpose and your iPhone will be much faster without them. And while you’re there, toggle the “Increase Contrast” and “Reduce Transparency” options on as well. Disable background refresh. There are some apps that you definitely want to be refreshed in the background. Clear out apps and files you don’t need. Just like any other computing device, your iPhone can get bogged down if the storage is filled up with clutter. Looking for an easy way to speed things up? Just get rid of some of that clutter. There are definitely at least a handful of third-party apps on your iPhone that you simply never use. Delete them. You can always download them again for free if you want to, but all those useless apps and their data take up space. You should also try to clear old photos and videos off your iPhone if you’ve already backed them up and you can also delete old music that you never listen to. Clear the cache in Apple’s apps. Clearing the cache in Apple’s apps is a quick and easy way to speed them up and free up storage in the process, but some apps make it easier than others.

Kindly remind you that blindly rushing to upgrade to the latest iOS system will certainly cause some problems to your iPhone or refurbished unlocked iPhone 5. So you should always be cautious about the upgrade and wait until Apple repaired all the bugs then go update. Or you can try to use all the tip above which should help you in the same way. If these tips won’t work for you any more, then you may need professional help.

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