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Criteria for Choosing the Best Oculoplastic Surgeons in Mumbai

BY Debraj Shome • June 03, 2016
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India is one of the hotspots for plastic surgery in the world. It’s no surprise a lot of surgeons come here Mumbai. If you are looking to get oculoplastic surgery—which involves plastic and reconstructive surgery in and around the eye—then you need to go to an oculoplastic surgeon. Here are some criteria for choosing the best oculoplastic surgeons in the city:

  • Excellent educational background – You can rest easy knowing your oculoplastic surgeon received the best education available for oculoplastic surgery. Being an oculoplastic surgeon requires a doctor to be an ophthalmologist as well as a plastic surgeon.
  • Qualifications and certifications – Having a good educational background is not enough. Make sure that your oculoplastic surgeon is certified by relevant oculoplastic or medical organizations. It is also important that he or she is a licensed practitioner of oculoplastic surgery.
  • Impressive past and current experience – Oculoplastic surgeons must have plenty of experience to be able to perform oculoplastic surgeries. Ask your prospective surgeon where he or she practiced oculoplastic surgery procedures as well as where he or she is currently serving. The best oculoplastic surgeons usually do their practice not just in Mumbai but in the US as well. They are also usually affiliated with large hospitals in Mumbai and other medical facilities in India.
  • Specific specialization – Dozens of oculoplastic surgery procedures are offered. If you have a specific one that you need, its best if the oculoplastic surgeon you get specializes in this area. This can be anything from simple eyelid surgery to the more complex orbital reconstruction.
  • Membership – It helps knowing your oculoplastic surgeon is respected by fellow professionals. See if he or she is a member of relevant oculoplastic organizations.
  • Awards and recognitions – Its one thing to be regarded by fellow oculoplastic surgeons and quite another to be recognized and honored by prestigious companies, medical groups, or even the media. There’s a reason why oculoplastic surgeons are famous—they’re simply that good.
  • Established clinic – The best oculoplastic surgeons usually have their own clinic where they perform oculoplastic surgeries and consultations. You can tell a lot about oculoplastic surgeons based on the clinic they run. You also need to check out the clinics as this is where you might have your surgical procedure. Check the facilities as you will be required to stay a night or two after your surgery. At the same time, determine how well-trained the staff are as they will be most likely to care for you post-op. 

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