"God" - Existence explained in the Scientific Way! Self Improvement

"God" - Existence explained in the Scientific Way!

BY Sulur Anbuselvan • November 25, 2015
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The "God" that I am talking about is based on a scientific equation of Einstein. He was an atheist until he propounded the mass energy relationship, namely E=mc2, after which he called himself an agnostic. This is what I see as "God" through science, the same one that Einstein would have seen through his famous equation.

When he applied this equation to an atom, whose mass(m) is very negligible, but when the atom is destroyed, the negligible mass(m) multiplies with a constant (c) called velocity of light (3 x 108 meters per second) two times (square of c or c2), he found out that it will release an extraordinary amount of Energy(E). A known fact indeed.

After that, he would have applied this equation to find out the sum total of Energy (E) on earth, whose mass(m) is constant at 6 × 1024 kilograms as also the velocity of light(c) as explained above, he would have arrived that the sum total of all Energy(E) on planet earth is also a constant, which even we can arrive at. 

We know that Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but can be transformed from one form to another in an equivalent amount, which is happening every second on planet Earth. A standing tree, which is matter and has a mass, when acted upon by this Energy, takes the form of a sitting table, to cite an example. This is the first proof that the "Sum total of all Energy in the Universe" should be of a constant value. 

We know the fact that all living and non-living things on Earth are made up of four elements (not five, excluding Sky or Ether element) namely Fire, Water, Air, Earth in different proportions. But the Universal Energy or the Sky Element resides only in living things and not in inanimate or non-living things. In scientific terms, all the objects on Earth is made up of Matter (combination of 4 elements in non-living or inanimate objects or combination of 5 elements in living or animate objects) , which has a mass, which is made up of molecules and those molecules in turn are made up of atoms.

Finally, he would have applied his equation to find the sum value of all Energy (E) in the Universe and would have concluded that if the Matter that makes up this Universe is a constant, and that the Velocity of Light is also constant, then the sum total of all Energy(E) of this Universe is also a constant.

This "Sum total of all Energy in the Universe" that we are talking about will obviously take the form of Light, since we multiply the Mass of Universal Matter, which is negligible when compared to the value of Velocity of Light (C). Also, since this "Sum total of all Energy in the Universe" has the ability to move animate and in-animate objects made up of Matter, it should also be a combination of Electrical and Magnetic Energy, in the visible form of Light Energy. A static movie slide, when light is passed through, will project the image on the slide in static form on a screen. But when a projector (which has a motor that uses both electrical and magnetic energy) is used to rotate several movie slides and light is passed through, we have what is called a motion picture. Adding sound to this will make it a wholesome drama, just like the same that we experience in planet earth every moment.

This "Sum total of all Energy in the Universe", which takes the visible form of Light, has both Electrical and Magnetic properties to make Matter move, contains Sound which is produced as a result of the movement of Matter is what should be called as "God".

Mankind should keep studying about the various properties of this combined Light, Sound, Electrical and Magnetic form of Energy called "God" and arrive at their own equations.

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